The Best Festivals in Florida – If You're Down There, These Are the Places to Be!

If you’re headed down to Florida, you’re undoubtedly looking forward to some warm sunshine, stunning beaches, hard bodies, and of course Disney World – you’re probably not thinking about the best festivals in Florida. That’s a crying shame, however, because the best festivals in Florida are all about food, fun, and sun in this beautiful state. So if you are planning on taking a trip to Florida this year, you should make the time to check out some of the best festivals in Florida and see what you’ve been missing. Maybe the best reason is that a lot of tourists don’t know about them, which means you can have fun and sun away from the crowds.

The Florida Strawberry Festival in March

A festival is incomplete without parades, games, rides, and strawberries, of course! The Florida Strawberry Festival, which occurs every March about 15 miles east of Tampa, is like visiting the county fair in the summertime, except it is early spring. Expect to see many booths displaying award winning arts and crafts, fun meals and new foods to be able to try, and lots of different specialized events that revolve around strawberries that are perfect for your entire family. There’s even a carnival so that you can show off your crazy skills at the ring toss! There are also plenty of live music options available and concerts to see, so the Florida Strawberry Festival is definitely one of the best festivals in Florida!

The Florida Dance Festival in June

If you are looking for one of the best festivals in Florida, then you may not have to look any further than the Florida Dance Festival that happens every June. Hosted by the University of South Florida, there are instructors available throughout the 12 days of the festival that will help you become closer to being an expert in your favorite style of dance, whether that is hip hop, contemporary, free style, ballroom, tap, or even popping. There are also yoga instructors on site that will help teach you some of the basics of yogic principles and get you limbered up and stretched out for each dance session you feel like taking. The unique nature of the Florida Dance Festival and what you get to do is what makes it one of the best festivals in Florida.

The Pensacola Seafood Festival in September

If you like going to festivals and events specifically for the food, then one of the best festivals in Florida for you will definitely be the Pensacola Seafood Festival that is held every September. Wrap your taste buds around everything the sea has to offer, from oysters on the half shell to croquettes to coconut shrimp – you’ll get your fill, and then some, and then be able to come back for more. That’s why this is one the best festivals in Florida.

So if you are looking for the best festivals in Florida, check out these fantastic options to be able to do something that is off the beaten path of the tourist trade routes and still have a great time – before or after you scope out Disney World, of course.