The Best Foods to Give You Energy

Everyone suffers from low energy at some point in their life. This can be due to a multitude of factors including a poor diet, lack of sleep, decreasing testosterone levels, or just getting older. If you find that you are suffering from low energy, here is what you should do in order to increase your levels and get back to feeling great.

Change Up the Diet

The best way to give yourself energy is to bring in that energy. Most people strive hard to cut calories, but that is not really the issue here. Instead, strive to cut junk calories, and increase good calories. The junk includes:

Fast Food – nothing is unhealthier than deep fried fast food. It’s packed with saturated fats, calories that don’t help you, and the least amount of nutrients possible.

Sugars – Sugar is a good thing. Too much sugar, however, is bad for you. Cut out the processed sugars that are found in cookies, donuts, and the like.

Processed Foods – Processed foods are around because they are easy. Unfortunately to make a food so that you can eat it without worrying about spoilage, the processing removes a lot of the nutrients.

Instead of eating these easy foods, here are some that will help you build up your energy levels, and do your body good.

Fruits and Vegetables – Skip the processed sugars and strive for those found in fruits and vegetables. These are more complex and take your body longer to break down. Eat a few pieces of fruit each day at snack time and you’ll be amazed at how much energy you have.

Lean Meats – Fats slow you down. Proteins speed you up. Skip the fatty red meat (not all the time, but save them for special occasions), and focus on lean meats; especially fish. Fish also has omega acids that help your heart.

Grains and Nuts – The best way to get long lasting energy is to eat complex carbohydrates. This includes grains, nuts, and other similar items. Pass on the white bread, say yes to the whole grain.

Exercise to Get More Energy

If you find yourself fatigued, it could be because you aren’t eating right. And it could be compounded because your body isn’t in shape. Exercise regularly and your body will learn to stay in shape. You will find that by expending energy you actually gain more energy.

How do you stay healthy and keep your energy levels up?