The Best Garden Tool For Annuals, Perennials, and Shrubs: A Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you have a lot of annuals, perennials, and shrubs in your landscape and want to know what the single best garden tool is for you to own to maintain these plants, the answer is clear. You need a battery operated hedge trimmer.

Before I used my cordless hedge trimmer I used to spend several hours trimming shrubs and doing my Spring and Fall cleaning of the past season’s growth. Now that I have a cordless hedge trimmer I can do that work in a very small fraction of the time.

In fact, I can now clean up my landscape in the Fall in about 1/5th of the time. Here’s how I use the cordless hedge trimmer to make life easier:

Prune Shrubs

When it comes to pruning shrubs the cordless hedge trimmer cannot be beat. After all, it’s a hedge trimmer. Keeping shrubs like spirea and yews in shape with this tool is nearly effortless. The only real work is picking up the pieces, but a single shrub can be shaped in only a few seconds.

Fall Cleanup

This is one of the areas that you will save a ton of time. Instead of breaking dead stems with you hands or pulling dead annuals out of the ground and spreading ugly dirt around, simply shear them off at the ground level with your hedge trimmer and take the plants to your compost site. It’s fast, easy, and leaves your mulch in place to prevent weeds for the remainder of the Fall.

Spring Cleanup

This is the other area that you will save the most time. In Spring it is time to clean up the perennial stalks and ornamental grasses that you left behind for the birds all winter. Like the Fall cleanup, a simple shearing at the base of the plants will be a very quick way to remove them so that the area is ready for the new season’s growth.

Here are three examples of how a cordless hedge trimmer has made my life easier while maintaining my landscape.

Example 1

First, I always plant classic annuals like marigolds or zinnias. I used to snap these off once they were dead so that I would not pull up lots of dirt and get it on top of my mulch. This meant breaking them one at a time. With my hedge trimmer I now just slice through them in about 5 seconds and lift them away. The ground is unaffected and it looks great.

Example 2

Second, I love to leave my ornamental grass out all winter because it just looks so good. I used to cut this in the spring with a manual cutting tool but that meant lots of hacking and it took a few minutes per clump of grass. Now I leave the old grass out until I can see the new grass emerging and then slice it off in one quick sweep. I can now cut each clump uniformly in only a few seconds.

Example 3

Third, I love spireas and I have several but I used to shape them with a manual clippers. This made an even form a little harder. Now that I have the hedge trimmer I can shape them quickly and get a great uniform cut. My shrubs have never looked so good.

Other benefits of the cordless hedge trimmer are that you can carry it all over your landscape without worrying about a cord, the battery lasts for quite a while so you can finish the job, and it is light weight so you can even use one hand if you need to. For the big stuff you’ll still need another cutting tool but for annuals, perennials, and most shrubs, a cordless hedge trimmer is the perfect tool.