The Best GPS Stand That's Easy To Hide

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If you want your GPS to stay put on your dashboard but prefer to keep it out of sight when you’re not in the car you need to check out the best GPS stand that’s easy to hide. It is the Garmin Portable Friction Mount GPS stand. It will not only stay put, it is easy to set on the floor when you leave your vehicle.

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The Garmin Portable Friction Mount is very highly rated by its owners, and for good reason. Here are some of the best things about this GPS stand.

Not Attached

The stand is not attached to your dashboard, nor is it attached to your dashboard. That means that there is no residue to leave behind and no evidence to onlookers that you have a GPS in the car when you don’t want them to know. You don’t wan them to see an obvious GPS holder as that may invite them to look further.


This GPS mount is weighted so that it just sits wherever you put it. Even sloped dashboards and wide turns won’t make this mount slide. Your GPS will stay where you put it. That is not only an important design requirement but a safety issue as well.

Multiple Vehicles

Since it is not attached, you can take your GPS with you to your other vehicle easily. Simply bring the Garmin Portable Friction Mount along. It is as easy as setting it on the dashboard of your other car and going. Your GPS and mount combo will be totally portable.


The GPS stand holds a GPS unit on a flexible arm, so you can position the GPS perfectly for your desired viewing angle. That is a great benefit of the Garmin Portable Friction Mount, since every dashboard is different. Whatever yours looks like you will be able to find a comfortable GPS viewing angle.

There is no need to look further. This GPS mount takes the cake. If you are looking for the best GPS stand that’s easy to hide, add the Garmin Potable Friction Mount to your car now.

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The Best GPS Stand That's Easy To Hide, Seekyt
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