The Best Guitar Under $500 Might Surprise You – This Guitar Is Perfect For Almost Any Setting

If you are looking for the best guitar under $500, there are a lot of things to consider here. Of course brand name takes a little bit of this into account, as does the construction of the body, whether the guitar can be used electrically or not, and what the guitar is actually made out of. In addition to that, a great guitar must have consistent sustain, consistent pickups, and be sturdy enough to not go permanently out of tune whenever it gets slightly bumped by something. The best guitar under $500 must be good for a performance and good around a campfire, and only one guitar makes the cut.

The Yamaha FG700S

Yeah let’s get the jokes out of the way right now about how the best guitar under $500 is actually considered a beginner’s guitar. The Yamaha FG700S quite simply is one of the best guitars on the market today, acoustic, electric, or even bass. Sure it comes in at $199, but it has electric pickups, is light, and has a rosewood fingerboard. You can plug this guitar in, do your sound check, and have a fabulous sound for your gig or set every single time.

Perfect Around the Campfire

What I love about the Yamaha FG700S is that it is perfect around an evening campfire while you’re out in the wilderness, and that is also why it is the best guitar under $500. Nothing creates great memories like the smell of roasting marshmallows, the eating of fabulous s’mores, and someone strumming a guitar while everyone sings camp songs with the crackling fire in the center of it all. Those are memories that you can create easily and affordably when you purchase this guitar and believe me, you won’t ever regret it. That’s because this guitar will always provide you a quality, consistent sound whether you are playing it indoors or out.

The Price Makes It Perfect For Beginners, For a Spare, And More

Because the Yamaha FG700S is priced at just $199, it is the perfect guitar for beginners or for any other skill level, and that’s yet another reason why this is the best guitar under $500. Whether you just need a spare electrical acoustic in your portfolio of instruments, need an instrument on which you can practice daily, or just want something that sounds good consistently, you can’t go wrong with this guitar. It may seem by the price that you’re not getting a quality instrument, but I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and this guitar is one of the best sounding guitars I’ve ever heard, much less in this ridiculous price range where you can get a lot of crap guitars.

So if you are looking for a guitar and you want to be able to purchase the best guitar under $500, then you are going to want the Yamaha FG700S plain and simple – you’ll be just as pleasantly surprised as I was, guaranteed.

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S: The best guitar under $500, the Yamaha FG700S, is perfect for indoor and outdoor use whether you are a beginner or a guitar expert.