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The Best Holiday Guide for the Active Individuals

For every person out there, the word holiday carries different meaning, as each one of us tends of enjoy practicing certain activities during that time. While there is the widespread opinion that holidays are best spent when we visit one of the top tourist destinations in Europe, for some they are the best time to practice their favourite sports activity or experience completely unique adventure, at remote, tranquil location. If you are not keen on wasting your summer holiday by just relaxing, here are my top suggestions for the perfect vacation for the active individual:

Horse Riding

Horse riding holidays come in all shapes and sizes to satisfy even the most demanding tourists. The only thing you need to determine is how much time you are able to dedicate to this holiday – if you are looking for weekend gateway, you can enjoy numerous guided horse riding tours in the countryside.  On the other hand, for those whole truly feel connection with the horse and want to get the maximum of this experience, locations often offer safaris and custom-tailored adventures.

Rock Climbing

All, who practice rock climbing will agree with me, when I say that this activity helps you get a glimpse of some of the most beautiful, yet isolated mountain landscapes in the world. Whether you have experience or your complete beginner in rock climbing, the experience staff will help you get the maximum from this experience and conquer new adventures on daily basis! My personal all-time favourite locations for rock climbing are the small village of Klavze, Slovenia, the beautiful town of La Thuile in France and The Lake District in the UK.


The easiest way to get an adrenaline rush is with canoeing and/or rafting. The locations, I mentioned as widely renowned for their rock climbing activities, also offer canoeing adventures to everyone, who is up to the challenge. With canoeing, you can quickly put your body to the test and discover what active really means!

Scuba Diving

Pretty much every seaside travel destination offers scuba diving, so if you are not keen on spending your summer holiday in the mountains, you can get a taste of adventure on the coastline too! From my personal experience scuba diving near two popular seaside destinations, I can highly recommend Sardinia, as it is not only home of incredibly vast cultural heritage, but it’s also known to have the most beautiful coastline in Europe!


Since ancient times, people have been always fascinated with the idea that they can fly, as free as birds. Paragliding is really fun way to experience this, without there being too much risk involved. To get the maximum from this experience, you need to handpick a location, where you will be able to get a glimpse of the incredibly beautiful nature below you!


Windsurfing is great way to recharge your body, while enjoying a vacation on the coastline. Although, it looks really simple to practice, to actually master this sport, you will need experienced teacher to show you the best techniques to use.

For more fun activities for your summer holiday visit Neal’s Yard Holidays – the leading creative travel agent in the UK!

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