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The Best iPhone 5s Cases

A number of different style cases are available in the market to keep your iPhone 5s protected. These case iphone 5s are released by different brands and they vary in style, design, features, colour options as well as price. Let us have a look at some of the most widely used iPhone 5s cases.

The Defender Series Cases for iPhone 5s

This is the best selling iPhone 5s case available in the market today. It features an integrated screen protector that guards your iPhone 5s touch screen against scratches. The Defender series cases also have port plugs that prevent the entrance of any dust or debris into the ports. A kickstand is also included that can be used for viewing videos or movies on your iPhone 5s.

Symmetry Series Cases for iPhone 5s

The cases from the Symmetry series are stylish with a sleek, pocket friendly design. This dual material case is capable of guarding your iPhone 5s against any damage during the daily cores. The case is a one piece, slim case that absorbs impact and shock efficiently and also withstands drops and bumps at the same time. The raised beveled edge of the symmetry series cases are designed to keep your iPhone 5s touch screen safe from scratches and damage during accidental drops and falls. The case is available in different color options to match your taste and personality and some cases also come with different style graphics on the back flap to add a seamless look to your stylish iPhone 5s.

The Commuter Series Wallet Cases

The iPhone 5s wallet cases from the Commuter series offer multi layer protection. This wallet style case guards your Apple phone against damage of all kinds. The wallet style case features slots to hold up to three cards and cash. Its slim design helps in hiding the contents of this wallet case and thereby helps in keeping your belongings safe and secure. The commuter series wallet style case features an audible click closure which makes it easier for you to ensure that your belongings have been enclosed properly in the case. The self adhering screen protector guards your iPhone 5s screen against scratches as well.

The Commuter Series Cases

The iPhone 5s protective case from the commuter series is a sturdy and sleek dual layer iPhone 5s case that is capable of absorbing impact and shock efficiently during drops as well as bumps. It also features a Self adhesive screen protector that protects your iPhone 5s screen from scratches. Its plug covers keep dust and dirt out of the ports and the slim design of the case makes it easy to slide it in and out of your pockets easily.

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