The Best Joint Pain Relief Supplement

No one enjoys dealing with pain, especially when it comes to joint pain from arthritis. Lots of people deal with arthritis everyday, and are looking for alternatives to help them feel better. Some manage, while others continue to have joint damage that leads to severe pain. This pain can start to cause a set back with work, and activities those enjoy. The best joint pain relief supplement might not only manage the pain, but could potentially even help to stop cartilage damage.

That’s the problem with arthritis. Cartilage starts to wear down, and the bones start rubbing against each other becoming very painful. Those with arthritis become very stiff, and when a flare up occurs then that lead to even more pain. However, take comfort in knowing there are many alternative ways to help relieve discomfort so you can continue to enjoy a pain free life.

The Best Glucosamine for Joint Pain

A lot of people turn to glucosamine as their number one alternative to stopping joint damage in the body. Why does glucosamine really work for arthritis? Well, first understand glucosamine doesn’t do anything for stopping pain. It acts as a lubricant for the joints. Glucosamine is found in healthy cartilage in our body. When glucosamine is taken in combination with chondroitin, then it rebuilds the cartilage that’s damaged, and even stops further damage to the cartilage.

Any good glucosamine supplement will be labeled glucosamine sulfate. You might need a good 6 weeks before you start feeling less pain, and more motion in the joints. The number one glucosamine product on the market is Cosamin DS. There are many good glucosamine products on the market, but this seems to be the most tested, with a lot clinic evidence to back up its effectiveness.

Now the one side effect that some have with glucosamine, is that it comes from shell fish. A lot of people are allergic to shell fish. However, you can still take glucosamine, since there are vegetarian forms that come from corn instead of shell fish. Some believe vegetarian glucosamine is much better and absorbs much better. It’s more expensive to process compared to shell fish, which is why many companies don’t use it.

For me the best is Source Naturals Vegetarian Glucosamine. Why is it the best? Well, it will absorb into your body much better. According to studies it will help replenish your body with 83% elemental glucosamine. The problem is that most glucosamine products do a very poor job absorbing into the body, which is why it doesn’t work. The positive feedback its gotten on Amazon can help you decide whether or not if this is the product for you.

NEM for Joint Pain

What is NEM? It’s known as natural eggshell membrane. You know the shell of our eggs? Well, scientists for years wondered why the shell of the egg did such a good job at protecting the eggs. Turns out there’s a membrane in the shell of the eggs, that contains hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, chondroitin, and collagen. In fact, NEM has proven to be much more effective than glucosamine.

It also doesn’t just lubricate the joints, it actually helps with inflammation. For many people, Membrell Joint Health can help pain suffers, while also stopping joint damage. According to studies, you can begin to see benefits within 7-10 days compared to 6 weeks with glucosamine.