The Best Keyword Tool for Work At Home Marketers

Choosing the Right Keywords Is Critical

Where are all the low competition keywords with decent traffic? You need those to rank high on the search engines. There are free tools. There are paid tools, but do any of them tell you where you rank?

And the tools that do offer competition data can be very expensive, starting at $100/month. Often times they are complicated to use and offer extra information you may not need. Domain authority, page authority, competitor backlink profile — leave that to the SEO professionals.

What if you’re just Joe-average work-at-Home marketer trying to make money from affiliate commissions? You just want to rank.

You need a tool that:

  • is easy to use
  • easily tells you which keywords to use
  • works with your PC or Mac

Does such a tool exist without burning a hole in your pocket?



Meet Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a keyword tool created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

Created by Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealth Affiliate University, this proprietary software helps affiliates find keywords they can easily rank for.

Jaaxy started in 2011 and hasn’t changed too much except for a few tweaks. After incorporating tips from the beta users, Jaaxy’s Enterprise edition offers an easy to use interface that produces some amazing finds.

Fast Results

A lot of advanced keyword tools can crank out thousands of keywords, but be prepared to wait an hour or so for the results to appear.

Then you have to download it to a CSV / excel file, filter the data and so forth. With Jaaxy Enterprise, the results appear in about 45 seconds. Sometimes faster, depending on how many people are using the tool at the same time.

Easy to Understand Keyword Competition

One of the Jaaxy’s best features is the KQI, keyword quality indicator. Other keyword tools would call this the KEI (keyword effectiveness index). The difference is that Jaaxy uses a simple method:

Green = easy to rank for

Yellow = okay to rank for but may require some backlinking

Red = too difficult to rank for. Don’t even bother.

Plus, the enterprise level allows you to sort by color to find results even quicker. Saves you time from scrolling through the results.

Web-based Keyword Tool

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a Mac, PC or Chromebook. Jaaxy is a web-based keyword product. In fact, you can even do research from a smartphone or tablet. No dealing with lousy captcha codes, either. You’re plugged in as soon as you log in.

Know There Your Pages Rank on Google

The great thing about Jaaxy is the ability to know where your content is ranking.

Once your page is indexed, you can find out where it ranks on Google for the keyword you selected.

Is it on the first page in position 1 or 3? This was new feature added to the Enterprise edition.

Demo of Jaaxy In Use

Seeing is believing. If you’re going to invest in an affordable keyword tool, you might as well see how it works. It’s a 13 minute video, so you can scroll through if you wish. The part about where your pages rank starts around 8:50.

Time is Money – Invest in the Best Keyword Tool For You

In the internet marketing world, time is money. I’ve learned this working at an SEO agency as well as trying to do affiliate marketing on my own.

There are dozens of free keyword tools that work decently, but you can spend hours and hours doing research, collating the information, checking other tools, cross-referencing, etc.

Why not invest in a tool that will give you the information you need within seconds? That gives you more time to focus on your content.

There’s really no need to spend an arm and a leg on the uber tools out there unless you’re planning to work in SEO or offer SEO services. If you’re happy being the average work at home marketer looking to earn a passive income, then, in my opinion, Jaaxy would would be the way to go.