The Best Kitchen Appliances

Today, we are going to take a look at the best kitchen appliances available on the market. There are countless kitchen appliances available from coffeemakers to blenders to stoves. Every kitchen needs a stove, oven, refrigerator, and freezer, so we will focus on these appliances. We will also take a look at coffee makers. Let’s take a look at what’s out there. First we will talk about generalities and then look at the most expensive as well as the most economical products available on

Coffee Makers

There are many, many choices in coffee makers available. You can get a drip coffee maker, a French press, percolator, espresso machine or a drip coffee maker. The drip coffee maker ranges from a $3.99 works by manual drip to a large stainless steel model for $1,481 and more. Espresso makers range from $25 to $6,495.

Ronco Coffeetime Brewer System for $3.99

cold brews coffee and tea creating a robust flavor with 65% less acid than conventional hot brewing. Included is a Coffeetime brew system, carafe with lid, filter pads and recipe/instruction booklet.

Miele 24 Built-in Whole Coffee Bean System with Plumbed-In Water Connection for $3,149

This coffee maker has a conical grinder included and settings include adjustable grain size from coarse to fine. Dual dispensing spouts allow simultaneously serving two beverages. The stainless steel finishes makes cleaning easy and it provides durability. Included also is a milk tank to make perfect steamed milk.

Cooktops versus Range

A cooktop is just the top part of a range where the stove is located. Sold separately, it gives greater flexibility when planning a kitchen. It is very popular to mount it in an island countertop with a sink and near storage. A wall oven is usually purchased as well.

On the other hand, a range includes the oven and now manufacturers have added timesaving elements to many models. You get two appliances for the price of one. Also, there is no mounting involved, since a range is stand alone.

Brylane Home Induction Cook top for $69.99.

A single induction cooking burner that stays cool to the touch, is electric powered and does not need gas. The top plate on this model is black crystal and it has 5 heat settings and a 2-hour pre-set ability.

Culinarian Series 60′ Natural Gas Cook Top 6 Open Burners 12′ BBQ Grill 12′ for $7,239.00.

This is made by Capital and weight 270 pounds. This stainless steel cook top cooks using natural gas. This model is equipped with a BBQ grill as well as a Thermo-Griddle.


There are now two types of dishwashers available: conventional model or dishwasher drawers. Consumers have not reported that the drawers use less water or clean as well as the conventional models.


The choice here is between a chest freezer and an upright. The main difference is that chest freezers offer the most storage but upright freezers offer better access and organization as well as takes up less room. Manual defrosting freezers are quieter and use less energy than self defrosting units.

Avanti CF60 2.2 Cu. Ft. Deluxe Chest Freezer (White) for $135.09

is a chest freezer that is easy to clean with a defrost drain, thermostat and removable storage basket unit. Wheels make it easy to move around as needed.

Traulsen R-series Rif332lut-fhs 3-section Roll-in Freezer for $17,512.11

is a luxury 3-section roll-in stainless steel freezer with microprocessor for precise temperature control Tempassure airflow system.

You can find the best kitchen appliances that range from economical to expensive, the trick is to research before you purchase.