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The Best Laptop Brand to Buy 2012-2013

The Best Laptop Brand to Buy

At the moment laptops are a must have gadget. The thing is they can be carried around easily and that’s what makes them different from desktop computers which are rather immobile and definitely cumbersome to walk around with. The market base for laptops is growing at an alarming rate leaving different manufacturers competing for the attention of hungry buyers. As a result you will notice that there are different laptop brands in the market so the big question really is, which is the best laptop brand to buy 2012-2013?


Apple Inc. develops and designs highly efficient laptops that cannot be compared to many others in the market. Powered with highly efficient processors of Intel Core 2 Duo they are fully functional with sometimes up to 22.26 GHz speed. Apple laptops come with Bluetooth to allow fast file transfers and also have Wi-Fi connections that are super fast and can never let you down. This is due to the Gigabit Ethernet networks that are integrated in them. These laptops have a standard RAM of up to 2GB which makes them super efficient. Their memory type is DDR3 and they are made using the LED backlight technology that enables the screen to give high definition images. This is why an Apple laptop is presumably the best laptop brand to buy.

Acer /Gateway

The features and specifications of this laptop brand are dynamic and simply out of this world. Generally this is what makes them among the best laptop brand to buy. Normally they use the Intel Atom N455 processor which makes them really fast, at a minimum speed of 1660 MHz so when you make a click for example, windows open up at incredible speed. Acer laptops have 320 to 500 GB inbuilt hard drives that offers a lot of space for storage of information. Most of the screen sizes for the larger laptops are about 17 inches, which is big enough to enjoy games and movies. Internet speed is equally fast due to the wireless LAN connection used. They additionally have high definition audio sound system with in-built speakers and microphone. Finally they usually have Bluetooth connections, in built cameras 3 USB ports and lithium ion long life batteries.


Asus laptops are among the best laptop brands to buy, that come with full HD super clear display. Integrated with a blue ray writer, these laptops peep into the future and offer so many insights. They also have graphics cards that allow you to make games installations on the laptop. Coming to their appearance, they have nice and pleasing exteriors with mostly black and silver colors. Most of them have 3 USB ports which allow you to make many connections and increase your data transfer convenience. They in addition come with hard drives with a memory capacity of up to 500GB depending on the size of the laptop and equally large RAMs.


The list of the best laptop brands to buy can of course not be complete without Dell brand of laptops being mentioned. Dell is an excellent brand to buy considering the fact that they are manufactured with the latest technology and the best of features. They function with the windows 7 starter which is still one of the best operating systems at the moment. You will also enjoy fast processors of Intel Atom N450 with Dell laptops. Moreover they have a long battery life that go up to 8hours of working without recharge. Lastly just like the others they have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connections.

Therefore if you are searching for the best value laptop worth your money, you may want to consider checking on this list of the best laptop brand to buy so that you end up with an efficient and powerful laptop.

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