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The Best Laptop Under $1,000? – Get a Base Unit, Then Upgrade It


When it comes to purchasing the best laptop for under $1,000, you are approaching the territory of requiring high expectations from your computer. The best of these laptops should have high memory, large disk drives, good graphics, and a strong processor, and a design that is both easy and fun to use. There are many computers that fit this mold in this category, but one rises above the rest.

The HP Folio 13

The HP Folio 13is by far the best laptop you can get for under $1,000. The Folio series is Hewlett-Packard’s response to the successful MacBook Pro computer, but PC version. It is thin at just 18mm, light at 3.3 pounds, and comes with Windows 7 installed so you can start using your new baby immediately. A solid state 128GB hard disk drive might seem small, but because the HP Folio contains all flash storage, you can retrieve anything in literally an instant with quiet reliability. It even has great audio with Dolby Surround Sound internal speakers.

Rapid Start Technology

The quick restarting ability of the HP Folio 13 by itself could make this computer the best laptop under $1,000. Armed with Intel’s Rapid Start Technology, the HP Folio 13 goes through an entire boot up cycle in literally less time that it will take you to read this article. Upon a restart from hibernation, you can literally open your computer and be surfing the internet immediately. No hesitation, no time connecting, no time wasted means more of your valuable time is spent doing what you need to do on this computer.

Super Long Battery Life

When looking for the best laptop under $1,000, battery life must be a strong consideration. An excellent battery life is up to 8 hours, but the HP Folio 13 blows that away with an outstanding 9 1/4 hour battery life. Take the computer to work with you and bring it home without ever having to recharge it, or stream a movie for the kids while you are cooking dinner. Either way, you won’t have to worry about the HP Folio dying out on you.

Modern Features on a PC

In my book, what sets the HP Folio apart from the pack and what makes it the best laptop under $1,000 is the similar technologies to the MacBook Pro and other Apple products that are incorporated on this PC. The touchpad features one, two, and three finger commands that help you scroll, zoom, and switch screens with ease. In addition, the laptop stays extraordinarily cool under almost any condition, which combined with the long life of the battery allow you to literally go anywhere with this PC. And with their 2-in-1 digital media card reader, file transfers and uploads are remarkably faster.

Even though many computers in this series are above $1,000, it is worthwhile to start out with a base model and upgrade it to your own individualized specific needs. The HP Folio is clearly the best laptop under $1,000 with it’s modern features, superior battery life, incorporation of rapid start technology, and great internal audio – pick yours up today!

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