The Best Micro Freelance Jobs for Online Entrepreneurs

Micro freelance jobs are basically small tasks that you offer to do for money. If you’ve ever visited the site Fiverr, you’ve seen them. These can range from writing a short article, to putting a company logo somewhere on your person and taking a picture of it. Since most of them sell for $5 a piece, you need to make sure it’s something you can do in a short amount of time.

There are a few different categories of jobs you can offer, depending on your skill set. In this article, we’re going to break down some job ideas into multiple categories. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, as there really is no limit to the type of gig you can offer online.


Writing is one of the most in demand gigs at sites like Fiverr. New writers can offer a gig to start building their reputation while earning a little extra cash. Buyers love buying well written articles at affordable prices. Here are some writing micro jobs you can offer.

  • Write an article that is X amount of words. Decide what amount of words you’ll be willing to offer for $5. You can have an add on job that offers a longer article for an additional amount of money.
  • Edit a 500 word article. Offer to edit someone else’s article. Just specify the length.
  • Optimize an article for the search engines. If you have some knowledge of SEO and keyword usage, this can be a good service to offer.

Search Engine Optimization

With knowledge of how the search engines work, you can offer a number of services at online gig sites. Just make sure that the services you offer don’t violate the terms of service of any sites your services are available at, or you may really damage your reputation online.

  • Create a backlink at an article site. You can offer to write and post an article at a revenue sharing site with a link pointing to a client’s site. This way, you get paid for the article, and still get earnings from your article. Just make sure that the site you are posting on allows this type of linking. Always read the Terms of Service!
  • Create a Facebook Fan Page. If you know how to do this, it’s a good service to offer.
  • Set up a wordpress blog. Again, not everyone knows how to set up a blog with hosting, theme, and plugins.

Video and Pictures

Not everyone has skills with a video camera. If you can make great videos or take great pictures, you have something to offer people online.

  • Make a video and post it to YouTube. This can be a fun job that pays.
  • Take a picture of a subject. You can offer a picture taking service online for people to use to illustrate their websites. For example, you can offer to take pictures of the beach if you live near there. I even saw someone who offered to take a picture of words carved onto toast!
  • Read a voiceover script for a video or podcast. Some people like to hire professional readers.

These are just a few examples of the types of jobs you can do online. There are also people who offer just about anything you can think of, for only five dollars. Check out to get some more ideas!
Thumbnail picture by the Italian Voice. Used by Creative Commons License via Flickr.