The Best Nightlife on Earth

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Some cities have it; some cities just don’t. Some are sort of halfway there, and others haven’t a clue. I’m talking about nightlife. In the UK, we are used to having some sort of nightlife available in most towns. Most of us complain about the nightlife in our home town, and head to the cities for after-dark fun. We know where is good to go in our home country. We know what areas to make a beeline for, and which areas are best avoided. However, it might not be quite so simple when seeking out nighlife abroad.

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Some places take a bit of sussing out, and by the time you’ve worked out where to go and what to expect, it’s often already time to jump in your transfer back to the airport and leave it all behind! That’s where a sensible dose of pre-planning comes in handy. This boils right down to where in the world you choose to go for your holiday. Choose your destination, then work out where all the action is, book your accommodation to be within a suitable distance from said action, then start planning your trip! This might sound like common sense advice, but the number of people who’ve arrived on their holiday only to find that their accommodation is miles from where they are planning to spend most of their time, is countless. So, with that in mind, here’s our guide to our favourite nightspots on the planet.


The Best Nightlife on Earth, SeekytIt’s got to come first, basically. The universally renowned World Party Capital, there are no prizes for guessing what a holiday in Ibiza is all about. If you’re going for a strictly hardcore clubbing holiday, head to Ibiza Town for your accommodation, and choose a suitable hotel that caters for clubbers. If you prefer your nightlife to be a bit more chilled, with the choice to go wild at night or not, consider staying in one of the island’s popular beach resorts. You will still find plenty of bars and smaller clubs to keep you entertained, without the relentlessness of the clubbing centres. For your big nights out, there is nothing to stop you from hopping in a private taxi or getting on a minibus or coach. Oh, and I should mention that, if you’re on a serious party mission, you are going to need to check the party calendars ahead of time, keep your ear to the ground once you arrive, and make friends in the right places. Stay savvy, stay sociable and stay alert in order to get the most out of your clubbing holiday!


Berlin is almost neck-and-neck with Ibiza for nightlife. However, Berlin has that more edgy, trendy vibe than Ibiza, which is all about the glam. Ibiza may encourage you to dress to the nines, whereas in Berlin it’s all about looking stylishly careless, constructedly scruffy. The trendiest area of the city is Friedrichshain, in the east, which is the most alternative, featuring industrial wastelands transformed into enormous nightclubs. Avoid Mitte, in the centre of town, as this area has had its day and is now largely commericalised. Prenzlauer Berg in the north is best for drinking holes: try Kollwitzplatz, Helmholdplatz and Schönhauser Allee. Finally, Kreuzberg in the south, is considered a city in its own right when it comes to nightlife. You’ll find enough going on here to keep you going for 24 hours straight!


The Best Nightlife on Earth, SeekytThailand has become a mecca for travellers over the last decade or two. This is where people head to in their Gap Year or whenever they’ve saved up enough cash to have a blast. Thailand is well-known for two things: firstly, a hippie vibe; and secondly, its ‘adult’ attractions. If you’re coming for the latter, head to Pattaya on Khao Lak, or Bangkok. For the former, you’ll be wanting those Full Moon parties down on Koh Pangan. Whilst these aren’t as trippy and groovy as they once were, being largely commercialised for a particular audience, the Full Moon parties are still great fun, and a good way to meet new people, party till dawn, and have a wonderful time. More chilled out nightlife can be enjoyed in Chaing Mai, which has a great live music scene. The thing to do is to head to the banks of the Ping River for some riverside drinking, or spend your evenings making friends in the reggae bars, sat amongst fellow travellers in a room of floor cushions.

Los Angeles

There are few places more far from the spirit and nature of Thailand than Los Angeles. If you’re all into the bling and the immaculate buzz of privilege, then you may feel more at home in the City of Angels than in a Chaing Mai reggae bar. Go for the glamour, the celebs and the wide, white-toothed smiles. Be prepared to spend though, because LA is not the place to be without a decent wad in your wallet. Alternatively, flaunt your assets, find a willing target and latch on for a free ride. C’est de rigeur. Hollywood is obviously the ultimate place to hang out, with Sunset Strip being more troublesome and wild. Santa Monica has a chilled-out, more honest nightlife, and in downtown LA you will find a heady diversity of choice: from edgy cool to alternative, urban dancehall to chill.


The Best Nightlife on Earth, SeekytAll the way over there in Australia, Sydney is waiting. A vibrant, liberal and truly accommodating city, full of beauty, fun and atmosphere, you are guaranteed a ball. Australians are hardly shrinking violets when it comes to enjoying a few drinks and a dance. So, you can rest assured of being in good company. The ultimate club to head to is ‘Home’ on Darling Harbour. The venue itself is literally huge, and caters for the dance music fanatic. Entry is characteristically expensive, at $25AUS for standard entry, with this going up for special nights and public holidays. For live music, head to The Basement (good idea to book ahead). The Tunnel in the dodgy area of Kings Cross is a superb venue for hip hop and RnB fans, whilst Carmens serves the younger, pop RnB crowd. If you’re not quite sure what you want from your night out, head to The Bank, which caters for all tastes across a selection of different rooms.

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The Best Nightlife on Earth, Seekyt
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