The Best Notebooks on the Market 2012–2013

The Best Notebooks on the Market 2012–2013

The wide market and the increased number of notebook manufacturing companies has made it a head starching task for most people to choose a good notebook from the wide varieties available. Manufacturers are simply working extra hard to produce the best notebooks in the market. But one needs some kind of guide to help make a good choice when shopping for a notebook. This article is meant to give you an insight on what to look for as you shop for the best notebooks available.

Top best notebooks

One of the best notebooks on the market so far is the Toshiba NB550D. This notebook is being sold for a clean $270. It is designed with a black exterior cover and has a weight of 1.3 kg. Its connectivity is very efficient due to the trio USB ports, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. On board are the SD card slot and headphone jack also a 250 GB hard drive. Its predecessor is the Toshiba NB250 which holds a price tag of $250. Its usability and design is outright incredible. It’s also 1.3 kg, with a better spaced keyboard, accurate track pad and a sturdy body. It additionally has 3USB ports, headphone jack, SD card and, microphone port. Not leaving behind Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth with a 250 GB hard drive as well. Its quality built in speakers even makes it more welcoming. The third on the list is the Samsung NC110, which currently goes for around $240. The notebook comes with a wide variety of colours for instance pink, black, blue and white so it’s really not as difficult to find one that you fancy. Its key board is perfectly spaced so one does not have to hit the adjacent keys and the track pad also gives a lot of room for freely moving your hand. It has a 250GB hard drive hence a lot of storage space. It also has three USB ports, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with a 1.5 GHz dual- core processors and a memory of 1GB to power it up.

Top brands

Most manufactures of leading brands of the best notebooks on the market are known to use the latest technologies hence end up with best of designs. Examples of such reputable brands are the Alien-ware which receives acknowledgement from all over the world. Their products are equipped with the latest high tech response and good processors able to support lots of tasks and their price are affordable too. Another quality brand is Apple which receives often acknowledgement for their unique designs. Their price tags are quite affordable not forgetting their user friendliness. Lenovo is equally a good brand with their products known to have stronger, efficient and effective machines. Sony is also another brand name with their laptops considered to be ‘luxurious’ and their user help nearly matches Apple. Acer is yet another effective brand that you may want to consider settling on when shopping for a top notch notebook.

Factors to consider

To buy the best notebooks on the market one has to first consider the specs and features of different notebooks to make a better choice. Secondly you have to keep in mind that price certainly matters so making some comparisons will be needed in order to find a cheaper offer. Lastly go for leading brands to avoid being a victim of counterfeit products among other inconveniences.

With all this in mind shopping for your notebook should be simpler now but remember to do your homework well. That is comparing the prices, portability and the purpose of the notebook according to your desired needs. You never know, intense research can just lead you to the best notebooks on the market that you are searching for.