The Best One to Use When Re-Upholstering Antique Furniture: Tacks or Staples?


Having antique pieces of furniture at home is definitely a great feeling for those homeowners who are into antiques. However, this does not mean that those who are not into antique cannot find some advantages in placing antique furniture in their house. Without a doubt, antiques will be great and amazing decorations in a certain household, making its entire aesthetics absolutely incomparable.

The thing is, it is expected that in due time, antique pieces of furniture will be out of color, or worse, get damaged. It is actually normal since old pieces of furniture are a lot more fragile compared to those modernly-made ones with the use of modern materials. This is the common issue to the antique furniture. Once yours get damaged or broken into pieces, are you aware enough that it can still be fixed? Do you know a particular the best solution for this problem? This is actually where re-upholstering comes into play.

What is Re-Upholstering?

Before you give this solution a try regarding your broken or damaged antique pieces of furniture, it is very important to get well acquainted first regarding re-upholstering. What is this all about? Is it safe to use for your antique furniture?

Re-upholstering is actually the process of fixing the damaged furniture in order to bring back its old beautiful appearance. This involved some other kinds of materials. These materials will be used in replacing the broken parts of your furniture. Even so, a lot of homeowners who have broken antique furniture will certainly not allow it to happen. They want to fix their antique furniture by returning the broken antique pieces to the entire furniture. It is because they want to preserve the authenticity of the antique furniture. You cannot actually blame them since antiques are absolutely priceless possessions.

With all these reasons, the best thing you have to do is to go to an expert upholsterer and consult your case. Upholsterer is the job title of a person who is expert in doing the re-upholstering of furniture.

Which is Which, Tacks or Staples?

Antique pieces of furniture are made with a very unique technique and construction. This is the reason why only experts should handle them. Compared to modern furniture that has zigzag or mesh spring, antiques have hourglass style springs. Because of this, it takes expert hands to re-upholster antique furniture. Keep in mind that antique ones have unique materials, which is why it is very complicated to fix it and restore its old beauty.

Even so, there is no need for you to worry since skilled upholsterer always know what to do with this case, and they have secret weapons in doing the thing. These secret weapons are the tacks and the staples. The question is, do you know that one of these two is absolutely the best one to use in re-upholstering furniture?

Expert upholsterers usually make use of staples even though it is a modern invention regarding re-upholstering. It’s because tacks can make a bigger whole on the antique furniture. Remember that antiques are more fragile. This goes to show that it’s best to go with the gentle ones, which are the staples.

Now that you know which the best one to use in re-upholstering is, there are no reasons for you not to try this effective method in fixing your precious antique furniture.