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The Best Online Virus Scanner

There are many online virus scanners available that help in scanning your device or your desktop system. This free scanning often comes handy when you are not willing to opt for full antivirus programs. However, if you know what you are looking for then it becomes easy to look for tools and resources that offer free online virus scan.

It is all about adding an extra layer of security when you opt for something like free online virus scanner. It is not always that you might find reliable resources online, as there are many fake programs or rogue programs that damage system, infiltrate data, manipulate system vulnerabilities and spread virus infection. However, it is not that every program out there is fake; you just need to know the real from fake.

Why do you need free online virus scanner?

Every virus scanner website is different and offers different functionality. Some scanners allow you to upload the file to scan your system; others help you check malware links, some install add-ons to browser or programs that help you scan your system entirely. It is all about the different functionality that different free online virus scan offer. Additionally, it is essential to avoid threats like malware, Trojans and viruses that are dangerous to the system. To do these all, a program that is freely available can be a good option.

The best that you get with an online scan service is that it requires little user action and is uncomplicated. You need not install another program on your PC or your device, it is as easy as a click of a button. The antivirus scans that are available online are helpful in detecting malware and viruses that help you eliminate the threat immediately. Additionally, if you are not thinking about opting for a paid antivirus scanner then the free option is the best. The free version is not only easy to install, but also free and fast.

Given here is a list of best online virus scanners that you can rely upon:


BitDefender is the most popular antivirus program when it comes to online software. It is available as a free version to download and install. It helps in scanning files, boot sector and drives of your system. However, it works with Internet Explorer only; this is just one of the limitations of this virus scanner.

You will be able to conduct a thorough check on your PC for the security status. Additionally, it does not interfere with already installed antivirus program that you have on the system. It still works well and gives you a complete report.

CA Online Malware Scanner

If you are looking for a scanner that will help you browser and drives for the infected file and look for malware then, CA Online Malware Scanner is the best choice. Upload the scanner on the system and check for the malware threat. It is one such online malware scanner that will help you detect threats even from the web browser. It sure is helpful as browser threats are the worst of its kind, and you will not face the annoyance of browser re-direction if you have this scanner installed.


ESET is yet another and one of the most popular malware scanners available freely online. This scanner provides a complete PC scan for worms, Trojans, viruses, online threats, spyware and even phishing. The best that you get with this scanner is that it works with all the popular browsers including Safari, IE, Chrome, and Firefox.


Scanning files and even URLs is essential these days with growing online threats. For this purpose, you should opt for Virustotal, which is a free online virus scanner that comes handy for removing potential URL related threats. This scanner helps you in determining if the URL that you are about to access is dangerous or safe for browsing. To scan a suspicious URL you need to enter it in the relevant field box and the scanner thoroughly checks it. The results related to the scan are immediately displayed, and the report determines the safety level of the URL.

You can even check for potential threats posed by infected files. You can upload file using web uploader to find out if it is safe or not, you are allowed to upload up to 32 MB.


If you are working with numerous file and software versions on your system, then you need something equally compatible to check for infections. VirSCAN is the best that you get for this purpose, this scanner allows you to upload any file version with a limit of 20MB/ file. The scanner works well with a compressed version of the file to determine if it is virus infected or not. Click the option of Choose file-> Upload, your files will be scanned, and results will appear in the browser.

Choosing any of the mentioned virus scanners in this article will be beneficial for you. However, it is up to you which one you choose to install.

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