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The Best Outdoor Flooring and Decking Material


The best outdoor flooring and decking material is somewhat subjective, since we all have different budgets and abilities, but there are some that just make more sense than others. In this article, I’d like to go over what options you have when building a deck, including the basic price expectations, along with some other considerations you’ll want to keep in mind.

Decking Material

If you’re building a new deck, listed below are some of the best materials you’ll want to consider. Also including are some additional flooring options that could work for you.

Composite Material: Plastic decking material is moderately priced in general, but the pricing will vary greatly. You’ll find composite decking for great prices on Amazon for this kind of material. While you will find various colors and styles to choose from, it is more expensive than some of the others on this list. On the positive side, this is super low maintenance. In addition, the color is consistent all the way through, so scratches won’t show up as easily and it will never need staining or painting. It’s probably the easiest material for most homeowners and it comes with a great warranty.

Hardwood/Redwood/Cedar: It’s also moderately priced, but requires a little more maintenance, in most situations. Since hardwood, cedar, and redwood are rot and decay resistant, they will last for many years, although not a lifetime, as is the case with some of the other options. Staining and painting might be required, but some woods, like cedar, look great when left natural and get a natural rustic look.

Treated Pine: It’s one of the cheapest options available and it will last a long time, but it also requires some maintenance. Staining and painting is optional, but many people prefer the look of stained pine over natural. Since it’s pressure treated, it often has a somewhat green appearance until it dries out completely. One of the drawbacks is that when treated and not fully dry, as it’s sold in most lumberyards, it’s heavy and harder to work with. It also warps and twists more.

Aluminum: It’s expensive, but super low maintenance, which is a benefit to installing this type of material on your patio or deck. This isn’t always the most practical option and since it’s so expensive, building with aluminum might not be the best option for most homeowners.

Outdoor Carpeting: This is structural or span rated by and means, but many people like to use it as an outdoor floor covering. It’s a good way to reduce slips and falls, since it’s a fairly slip-resistant surface. The main drawback to putting this over wood is that it holds moisture, which is woods enemy, leading to rot and decay, which will ruin your porch.

The best outdoor flooring and deck material is a personal choice that you must make.

The Best Outdoor Flooring and Decking Material
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