The Best Podcasts for Science Students

Podcasts are an often overlooked resource that can enrich any science student’s pursuit of the secrets of the universe. This article will outline the best podcast shows out there for kids studying science and how to access them.

Scientific American Podcasts

The Scientific American has a lot to offer in terms of educational podcasts that can help to fill in the blanks when it comes to topics like the most recent developments in the field, emerging technologies and discoveries by major scientists and researchers.

Host Steve Mirsky walks listeners through the most exciting changes in science with short, engaging podcasts with interesting titles. For example, one current show explores the relationship between food borne illness and persisting health problems – something that people do not always link together.

Another one of Steve’s recent podcasts examined an Anthropologists’ conference that discussed the evolution of Chimpanzee feet as it relates to our own human history. These podcasts are great for kids that want to deepen their knowledge of what’s going on in science in general, and at 13-15 minutes runtime are easy to digest and play in the background while studying.

The Scientific American’s website hosts their podcasts here.

iTunes University

More hiply referred to as ‘iTunes U’, this amazing app is really an educational portal that you can install to your iphone, ipod, ipad or mac OSX based device in order to gain access to over half a million free lectures and courses on topics as diverse as biology and computer programming.

If you’re looking for some high quality lectures, podcasts and thorough course materials without shouldering the burden of a college tuition, you should definitely check this out.

Not skimping on quality, iTunes U pulls free lectures and class resources like student handbooks and professor-made worksheets – you can install iTunes U in a few seconds and begin listening to lectures from the likes of Stanford professors in no time at all. Certain to give you a bit of a competitive edge in the classroom.

Just visit the Apple App store on your mac device and search for ‘iTunes U’ to get started.


This cult favorite science podcast often gets weird and wild, such as when it sends one of its reporters to Rutgers to visit Lily, the fistulated cow – who has a surgically implanted porthole in her side that allows researchers and scientists to put their hands inside her to get a sense of her living organs!

Not all the shows are this intense however. You can also expect to find excellent science related podcasts on topics like weather anomalies, butterflies and science fairs of note.