The Best Questions to Ask at a Job Interview

Job interviews are nerve wrecking experiences. Most follow a similar pattern and anyone that is currently in the market for a job has had at least several and knows what to expect. It’s easy to follow the routine and answer the right questions. However, when the spotlight turns to you and the interviewer asks if you have any questions you had better be ready. These are the best questions to ask at a job interview.

The worst mistake that you can make is not asking any questions at all. This type of response tells the interviewer that you have not given serious thought to the open position. Don’t answer questions that can simply be answered with a simple search of the web. Consider questions that you ask during the interview seriously.

Who will you be reporting to?
The interview questions to ask an interviewer for an open position are important. Inquiring about your manager or who may be your manager tells a hiring manager that you have some ambition and don’t simply care about punching a time clock. Ask who you will be reporting directly to if you receive the offer for the open position.

Why is this position open?
Know what questions to ask in an interview and give you a new comfort level. The confirmation that this position is new or already exists can tell you something about the job opening. You can also talk about if the position is being posted internally as well as externally.

If a position is new you may have some input into how the position will function which is nice. Positions that already exist won’t have this same type of flexibility. This may be one of the best questions to chat about at a job interview.

What next?
One of the best questions to ask during an interview is what will happen next. This is always in the back of your mind and nice to know. This will save the interviewer time as well as you. The follow up phone call, email and questions deliberating this same thing can be avoided by putting this forth at the job interview.

What is your biggest problem right now?
What type of questions to ask during an interview will make a difference in how you appear to an interviewer? Asking the question of what the biggest issue or problem is right at this moment tells the company you are processing subject matter related to the position and how you can help and add value.

What is the pay and what are the hours?
Interview questions to ask an employer related to pay or hours should only be asked if not previously discussed. There are times when this is omitted in error and should be talked over. If the job position description didn’t outline this info and you haven’t already shared it, it is okay to ask. This is certainly one of the best questions to ask at a job interview.

What are my benefits outside of salary?
A good question to ask during a job interview if not brought up is about the benefits besides your salary. Most people that are seeking employment do so for the benefits as well as the pay. Discuss benefits other than your pay if not hashed out during the job interview.

Generally the end of a job interview will conclude with the question of whether or not you have any questions. Be prepared and know that you looked good during the job interview and leave with the confidence that you asked the best questions to ask at a job interview.