The Best Quick Workouts for you

Lifting weights versus doing Cardio

What’s a great quick workout? That is a really good question. Of course the workout itself will depend on your needs and what type of exercising you prefer. Agree? Ok good. This article though is going to be about working out with weights and if you are not into weights don’t run off because I have something to tell you that might interest you in trying a workout with weights. Read on.

Did you know that people that lift weights compared to people that just do cardio type workouts as in aerobics, jogging, treadmill etc burn more calories when resting than people who just do cardio type training. The simplest way to explain this is that when you train muscle with weights you not only burn calories while you workout but you burn calories at rest because the muscles need calories to fuel them even at rest. Not to say that you don’t acquire muscle if you just do cardio, it is just not as much. When doing cardio you are working more your cardiovascular system heart etc and yes the muscles in your legs etc to keep you moving. When you are done your cardio session the amount of calories your body burns drops off almost immediately. When you are specifically toning and developing muscle your body requires more calories to fuel them.

A quick workout for you

A quick workout can mean just about anything really. You could walk up 30 flights of stairs and that’s a quick workout. You could do 100 pushups and call that a quick workout. So as you can see a quick workout can mean just about anything to anyone.

Since I am writing this article then I get to pick what a quick workout will mean and be for this Hub.

When I think “quick workout” I think of a workout that will give me maximum results in as little amount of time as possible.

My recommendation to achieve maximum results in as little time as possible would be to perform Supersets.

These Superset workouts will take 10 minutes each max.

Supersets are two or more exercises performed one right after the other without any rest. Not only are Supersets a great way to maximize your time spent working out but they are a great way to bust your way out of a plateau if you are currently on a regular workout program. Supersets can shock your muscle into new growth and increase strength.

Supersets explained

Ok so you now know what the plan is, Supersets! Ok so what to do when to do it.

There are two ways I like to do Supersets. One is work on one specific area or muscle group with Supersets and the other is to Superset three or four exercises to work almost your whole body in those sets.

We are going to look at working on specific muscle groups. So what you want to do is decide on which exercises you want to use for the muscle groups you choose to exercise.

I will give you an example workout that I would do for chest and triceps using Supersets. I am choosing Triceps with Chest because when you work your chest you also work your Tri’s so for this application it just goes together quite smoothly. Your triceps will be warmed up after doing a couple of sets of chest first enabling you to use heavier weight for your triceps. When you perform the Superset you want to do one exercise immediately after the other. No resting.

How to perform a pushup

How to perform a dumbell Flye

The workout plan

When I do Supersets I perform a compound type movement for my first set and then usually an isolation movement on the second set for the same muscle and then on the third set work the second muscle in this case it will be the triceps.

So for our chest and tricep Superset the first set will be pushups which is a compound movement and will work more than just your chest. It works your chest, shoulders, triceps, stabilizing muscles in the back and your core. That’s a rockin exercise and so simple to perform. Second exercise will be dumbbell flyes and third exercise will be Tricep skull crushers or French press or EZ bar press I have heard it called.

Lets get started. Without any rest in between, you want to perform pushups, dumbbell flyes and then skull crushers using an EZ bar or barbell. It is important to have all of your equipment ready for each exercise before you start otherwise you are not receiving maximum results. Defeats the purpose of what you are doing if you are not ready.

How to perform skull crushers

The plan executed

Now that you have everything ready lets do it.

First perform as many pushups as you can without falling flat on the floor or busting any blood vessels. Then immediately get on your bench with dumbbells in hand and lay back getting into position for doing dumbbell flyes. Do as many repetitions as you can. Once done then drop your dumbbells and reach back and pull up your EZ curl bar and perform your skull crushers. Do as many as you can. Once done rest for 90 seconds and then repeat the Superset one more time. You should be done your chest and tricep workout at that point. Your chest and your triceps should be good and pumped up with blood now. It is important to make sure when doing Supersets you do not use to much weight so that you can not get a good set in for each exercise. You want to be focused on getting a good overall workout not so worried about how much weight your lifting today. My motto is“WORK YOUR BODY NOT YOUR EGO”

Examples of other Supersets for you

Back and biceps– Chin-ups, dumbbell rows, barbell curls.

Shoulders and Trapezius – Barbell military press, dumbbell side laterals, db shrugs.

Core and abdominals – Plank, side planks, reverse crunches.

Quadriceps and Hamstrings – Squats, leg extensions, stiff legged deadlifts.

Calves – standing calve raises, jumping not bending knees to much, seated calve raises.

It is ok to use different exercises replacing any of the ones I have suggested especially if one of these causes you any type of discomfort. Actually I recommend you switch exercises once in a while to keep your body adapting.


Supersets are not workouts you want to perform on a regular basis as they are extremely taxing and will have you over trained in no time at all. They should be done when you are pressed for time or when you want to shock your body into knew growth or development. Challenging your body to work harder and adapt is always a good way to train. If you train the same old then guess what? Your body is always going to look the same old.

Another way to use these Supersets to get a quick workout is to work opposing muscle groups.Follow my instructions and you will be in muscular shape in no time at all.