The Best Rocks vs Mulch Garden Ideas and Gardening Tips

The decision to use rocks vs mulch garden materials is important to get right based on your gardening needs. Whether or not to use rocks vs mulch should be decided on what kind of plants you plan on gardening or maybe you want minimal or no plants at all. Once you know what kind of a garden you want in your yard the decision on using rocks or mulch will be quite clear.

Reasons to use rocks in garden beds

Beautiful Rock Garden

· Rocks will not fly away or be blown away or move easily out of place like smaller mulch will. Whether you use rocks for garden beds or pebbles for garden beds the overall affect on the garden areas plant life will be the same. Rocks are a great addition to your garden and yard because they will last for many years where mulch will pack down, blow away and deteriorate over time and therefore need to be replaced years sooner than a rock garden will need to be replaced. If you want rain water or water hose water to be able to flow through your ground quickly because you want a drier soil then using rocks is the way to go.

· People wanting to xeriscape their yards will use rocks on top of a landscaping fabric to allow water to flow down around the rocks and into the ground right away. The landscaping fabric will help slow down the growth of weeds in your yard. Some people will use a poly sheeting instead of the landscape fabric to reroute rain away from a home and or because plastic poly is also a great way to prevent weeds.

· Rocks come in all different sizes from wee pebbles to massive boulders. There are also many different types of rock you can purchase as well; there is pea rock, crushed rock, shale rock and many other types. Visit your local landscaping supply yard for the different varieties available in your area.

· Rocks can be used to hold up and stabilize other items you might have in your yard or garden for decoration purposes.

Reasons to use mulch in garden beds

Gardeners that want to have a lush thriving garden with many plants shrubs and flowers will want to consider using mulch as a cover for their yard and garden. The two main reasons to use mulch instead of rocks for your garden is for over all look and because mulch holds in water keeping your ground moist and wet longer than a rock covering will.

· There are many types and sizes of mulch you can use for garden. You can purchase bagged mulch and you can even get mulch by the truck load. Some cities will even offer you free mulch in the spring time after the city has ground up last year’s Christmas trees and fallen tress throughout the city and used what the city needs for their own applications. There are different colors of mulch based on the wood that was mulched of course. A popular color of mulch is red wood chips mulch which is typically purchase by the bag and used in smaller areas. Shop around for prices as mulch prices will vary depending on the retailer’s supplier. Buying mulch in bulk is always more cost effective.

· When using wood mulch you are using a product that will absorb water helping to keep a garden area moist for longer periods of time. If you are planning on having quite a few flowers or bushes and shrubs that require constant watering you might consider using mulch instead of rock. If you live in a region that is dry and arid that is another great reason to use wood mulch in your garden if you want to have flowers and shrubs.

So you can see the choice should be clear for you regarding rocks vs mulch garden. Rocks for garden beds are always nice to look at but mulch for garden beds makes more sense when having plants that need watering on a regular basis. Now that you have read this article the choice should be clear now that you will use either rocks for a garden or mulch for a garden.