The Best Running Shoes For Bunions

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Women are unfortunately affected more by bunions than men are. A bunion is a bone that stands out from the bottom of the big toe. Bunions can affect one or both feet and they usually form when a person wears shoes that are too tight or shoes that have pointed toes. Bunions can also be caused by genetics or arthritis.

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If you want to continue running or exercising when you have a bunion you will need to make sure that your shoes that will accommodate your bunion issues. The running shoes that you want to select will be shoes that are roomy and wider than normal shoes.

You Can Select A Neutral Shoe That Is Wide

Because everyone has specific differences in their feet it would be difficult for you to simply walk into a shoe store and ask for a running shoe that has a wide toe. A runner that has a normal arch in their feet has neutral feet. This means that the feet do not turn inward or outward when they walk or run. A runner with neutral feet should wear a neutral running shoe.

New Balance has a line of neutral running shoes that are excellent choices for runners who have bunions. The 883 style from New Balance has enough toe space in the front so the toes will not cram together. This style also boasts the familiar New Balance style cut SL-2. These shoes average $110 in most locations.

You Can Select A Wide Toe Shoe That Is Stable

A runner that has a bunion and the arch is lower on their feet will need to wear a running shoe that offers the feet more stability along with a wider toe. Saucony manufactures a brand of running shoe that provides a durable arch that allows the feet to remain stable and also provides comfort for feet that are afflicted with bunions. The ProGrid Omni 9 by Saucony is even available in D width so runners will be comfortable during exercise. These shoes also average around $110 in most athletic and shoe stores.

You Can Select A Wide Toe Running Shoe If You Have Flat Feet

Runners with flat feet will need a lot of support in their arch area. The running shoe that they should purchase is one that is considered motion controlled. Feet that have low or fallen arches tend to be wider naturally. Add a bunion to a foot with low or no arches and the runner will definitely require a shoe that has increased width all around.

Brooks is a major running shoe company and their running shoe the Ariel provides a lot of stability and comfort for runners with wide flat feet and bunions. This cushioned shoe is available in many sizes including:

• B (medium)
• D (wide)
• 2E (extra wide)

You can expect to pay around $130 for these sneakers but they are extremely comfortable and can reduce pain during exercise.

It is pertinent that you take the time to consider all factors when you are ready to buy running shoes for bunions. Make sure the shoe you select is the best choice for your specific needs.

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