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The Best Steam Cleaner for Pets


Pets, particularly cats and dogs, are wonderful companions. However, they also create their own share of mess, be it through ‘accidents’, the normal process of shedding or the daily trail of dirt they bring in from their adventures outside. Your normal vacuum isn’t doing the job anymore, so it’s time to look for a the best steam cleaner for pets.

Why depend on cheap rug cleaning services when you can easily do it on your own and save more from your home budget? In this guide are some of the top rated steam cleaners on the market today that you can pick for your pet, or you can click here for more reviews.

Hoover SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner

The Best Steam Cleaner for PetsHoover is a well known brand when it comes to indoor home cleaning machine, particularly now with it’s SpinScrub technology. The Hoover SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner is no exception.

Featuring the SpinScrub technology of multiple rotating brushes that clean deep into your carpets, it also features two separate tanks for cleaning solution and dirty water to keep them separate and ensure that you are not putting dirt back into your carpet. See more features here.

An extra feature is the hand tool, also with Spin Scrub technology that makes it a breeze to clean both stairs and upholstery. There is also a CleanSurge that is available at your fingertips for those hard to remove stains. Check more features here.

Also at your fingertips is control of the speed at which the brushes rotate, giving you complete control. Reviewers of this item comment that this model removed stains that even professional cleaners could not remove. There is nothing like a steam clean carpet cleaning day with this. See more reviews here.

ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner

The Best Steam Cleaner for PetsAnother well known brand for good carpet cleaning is Bissell. Along with its SpotBot, for those hard to reach or small stains that don’t require a full clean, Bissell has brought out ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner.

This machine boasts a built in heater, and Bissell’s 12 rows of Dirt Lifter brushes. A 2-in-1 tank keeps dirty water and clean separate. It also comes with 4 different tools to reach all of those unsightly stains caused by pets, including a 6′ pet-stain eraser tool. See more features here.

For functionality this cleaner, with its extra long 30ft power cord and easy to remove nozzle may be one of the best steam cleaner for pets in its price range. Click here to read more top rated reviews on Amazon.

Lift Off Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner

The Best Steam Cleaner for PetsBissell has been pretty active in the stream cleaner department, and has several steam cleaners for you to consider for cleaning up those messes left by your pets. Another example of Bissell’s steam technology is the Lift Off Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner.

This machine is a 2-in-1 – versatile steam cleaner and a hard-to-reach spot cleaner providing whole room cleaning. With it’s 12 rows of DirtLifter Power Brushes and surround suction it reaches deep into your carpets and draws out dirt and dust you didn’t even know was there. See more features here.

It’s built in heater heats the water an cleaning solution to the optimal temperature for deep carpet cleaning. The EdgeSweep cleans along skirting boards with ease, giving you a whole room clean, even those annoying edges that seem to hard to get into. See more reviews here.

For ease of use and whole room carpet cleaning with steam, this steam cleaner deserves to be included as one of the best steam cleaner for pets. See more reviews here.

Bissell SpotBot Pet HandsFree Spot and Stain Cleaner

The Best Steam Cleaner for PetsCarpet cleaning has never been easier than this, Bissell has even put out a hands-free spot removal model that works on pet stains as well. The Bissell SpotBot Pet HandsFree Spot and Stain Cleaner.

This little automated machine has automatic cleaning cycles that allow you to set it and walk away, leaving the machine to do all the hard work of removing those tough stains left by your pets. Check more features here.

Saving you time in your busy day, the SpotBot once set to the particular type of stain will use the right amount of cleaning solution and depth to remove even the most difficult of stains. Find more features here.

What could be better? Rather than needing to steam clean the whole room, let one of the best steam cleaner for pets out there do all the hard work for you. Find more reviews here.

So, if you have pets, you usually have those unavoidable messes to clean up, particularly as young pups and kittens, and then again as they get on in age. Not to mention the dirt they bring in with them, or even the dirt you and your family traipse in all day. The dirt you cannot see. All of these cleaners will draw out the deep seated dirt making your carpet look like new!

Now, it’s up to you to make the decision on which one suits your needs. Check out more of these top rated reviews on Amazon.

The Best Steam Cleaner for Pets
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