The Best Stylish Three Cheap American Style Fridge Freezers 2012 – Cheap Discounted Designer Fridges

Reviews and Opinions on the Top Three American Fridge Feezers

American style fridge freezers are generally more expensive then the top and bottom style of fridge freezers but there are a few models that are cheap on price and high on quality. These aren’t imitation brand refrigerators either, each on of them is a large, well-known name brand and their manufacturers reputation presents itself in each model. American, or side-by-side combined fridge and freezers are all about convenience and storage space. Space in the freezer section is larger and easier to manage with more shelves and many have built in ice dispensers in the freezer door. Buying a cheap American style fridge freezer should not mean that you sacrifice quality and each of the three fridges in this article come very highly recommended from customers who have used them.

Amana Cheap American Style Fridge Freezer Model ASD2522WRB

This model by Amana is one of the cheapest available on the market and considering it’s high quality and great customer reviews it is a great buy. It is a decent 25-cubic-foot in combined fridge and freezer space and it features modular glass shelves that can be arranged in multiple ways for different needs. The outer shell of this refrigerator is made from stainless steel and it is available in black, steel and cream color choices. It also features an ice and water dispenser integrated into the door of the freezer.

People who purchased this Amana refrigerator rate sit very highly. On Amazon it received an average rating of just over four and a half stars out of five. The most popular aspects of this model were it’s quiet running sound and it’s ease of installation.

General Electric (GE) Cheap American Style Fridge Freezer Model B0055LGB52

GE is well known for it’s household appliances and the it’s name has become synonymous with high quality. This 25.5-cubic-foot fridge holds up to the GE standard easily. It is not short on features either, with an integrated ice and water dispenser and an efficiency-boosting ClimateGuard system of design. This system funnels the air over the door opening in a way that prevents most cold air from escaping when the door is opened. This means you don’t have to rush to pick you lunch, you can take your time to select foods without worrying about the power bill.

On Amazon this GE model B0055LGB52 refrigerator received a full five out of five star review score. Customers noted that this model was very sturdy as with all GE products they have owned and that it was big on storage space.

Frigidaire Cheap American Style Fridge Freezer 26-Cubic-Foot

This fridge from the aptly named Frigidaire boasts a larger 26-cubic-feet of storage space within it’s stainless steel out casing. It’s a sleek and modern-looking appliance with it’s LCD display ice dispenser and black coated stainless steel design. The LCD panel on the dispenser allows you to check the temperature of the fridge, change the ice settings and know when the water supply needs refilling.

This side-by-side fridge and freezer also receives a full five out of five star review score eon Amazon and it comes highly praised from customers who have used it. A review stated that a full sized beer glass could fit into the ice dispenser and that the fridge was particularly quiet and efficient. One negative design aspect, however, was that the crushed ice dispenser does not have a funnel and can sometimes cause crushed ices particles to land on the floor.

Things to Note When Purchasing a Cheap American Style Fridge Freezer

Consider Buying Reduced, Clearance and Factory Second Stock: Factory second fridge freezers typically only have cosmetic damage and buying one can allow you to get a better machine for as cheap as an entry-level model. Always check whether these seconds have warranties, however, in case something goes wrong.

Smaller is Better: Side-by-side fridge freezers are naturally more roomy than top and bottom models but they can be quite wide. Be prepared to buy one that you might think to be a little too small because once you trial the shelved freezer and fridge design of these fridges you will find that you have a lot more room than you thought.

Warranties are Important but Don’t Overdo it: It is worth getting a fridge that has a three to five year warranty but if you are buying an entry level model there is no point in buying a longer warranty. Avoid the temptation of extended warranties and save some money.