The Best Tea is Loose Leaf Tea Made Fresh in Your Own Teapot

If you are tea drinker and enjoy a really good cup of regular tea, green tea, or any number of flavored teas, perhaps it is time for you to take the next step and begin using loose leaf tea.

Loose leaf tea can be found in many supermarkets but the best place to go for high quality loose leaf tea in a number of varieties is the internet. You see, there are loose leaf tea stores and online merchants all over that will ship the fresh tea to your door from their store. Using these sources you will find hundreds of varieties of loose leaf tea that you can purchase and then you can sample everything from white tea to black tea to green tea in all sorts of varieties.

The best part is that buying tea from a quality tea store will insure that you get fresh tea, the same quality that they would sell to you if you were in the store or at the warehouse yourself.

To make the best tea at home all you need is high quality loose leaf tea and a teapot. Teapots come in various styles but the simplest one is just a small pot with a wire basket, called an infuser, built right in. Here you only have to add hot water, drop the basket filled with loose leaf tea, wait a few minutes, and presto! You have a hot cup of outstanding tea. A small teapot with infuser is the perfect and simple way to make great tea at home.

On top of the greater variety you will have access to, another good thing about making tea fresh at home is that you can steep the tea more than once. You will find that a single basket of tea leaves may be steeped several times before the flavor suffers. Don’t worry if you won’t have another cup for a couple of days, either. The tea may be left in the wire basket to dry between cups, and your next cup will taste just fine.

Some of the most popular teas you can make in your own teapot include green tea with mango, peach, berries or other fruits, dragon well, gunpowder, earl gray, or jasmine. There are many more, so start your loose leaf tea collection and try several of them to find your perfect match.

Once you do, you will be able to sit down to a perfect cup of tea whenever you please, served fresh right from your own teapot.