The Best Way To Do SEO

There are a lot of questions out there on the web about what is the best way to do seo. Now there are many ways to do seo but you want to do right so that you can get the best results possible. See with seo its all results driven and you feed more off your results than anything else. 

Seo is not hard but it will take some time its not a “I will make it to the top over night” kind of thing, it takes time to build up a following. I mean with my Google Plus account its taken a few months to build up my following of over 500 and I want to get over 1000 by the end of the year. I continue to share and comment on peoples stuff and I get more followers.

Seo has become a daily thing now and if your active with it you can see major results, and just recently social media has become a huge factor in seo. Its called social seo, its always been around but now people are putting a larger emphasis on it because it honestly is the key to the car, that and content. 

Having a strong following can really help you get your content out and in the face of people. So its a good idea to social network and start talking to people even offline. If you have a business card its kind of like offline seo because hopefully you can spread your business cards out around town. 

Now I have experienced some good seo in the past month and have ranked a few websites but I have done that by consistently putting up unique content every day. I publish about 1-2 articles per site and I have 3 sites I do that for with different keywords. So I put about 6 or more articles out on the web daily. 

Its kind of funny seo is like working out you might want to do a full body work out 3-4 times a week instead of focus on a muscle group everyday. When you focus on a muscle group your only working that muscle hard for one day a week and the next week your going to show no improvement in your fitness results. If you do your whole body 3-4 times a week and are consistent you will see better results. Same with Seo doing social media and content writing, guest blogging you will see better search rankings.