The Best Way to Get Your Work Published on Article Writing Sites

When you have your own blog you can basically publish what you want in any form that suits you. However, if you choose to write for an article writing site your article writing and submission must meet their criteria to publish material. Every freelance article writing site is different for what the acceptable criteria is for an article from any content writer.

Many of the sites are run by editors that are exceptional or accomplished writers that will insist that article writing submissions meet their standards which can be a daunting task and discouraging for many newbie or would be writers. Writers will quickly learn which sites insist that higher quality content is accepted and which ones don’t. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the writing sites with more stringent submission guidelines are the best freelance writing sites, but in many cases this is certainly the case.

For content writers that are searching for online writing jobs, consider getting article content published from sites that have the more stringent standards. Freelance writer portfolios that have examples of work from higher quality writing sites will look better and more attractive to clients than sites whose publication standards are lower.

Aspiring writers would do well to start their writing career by becoming familiar with publication criteria for various freelance writing sites and produce a strategy to start their freelance writing career with sites that are the most lenient for publication standards.

Writers should work their way up to the more stringent criteria sites. This will help avoid any frustration and build confidence while still earning from writing content accepted to these sites. As writing improves and becomes better work up to the more stringent criteria sites.
This is a strategy that if followed can certainly make an article writer successful in the writing community and build skills that will make money writing for years to come and get work published on writing sites.

These are the most common expectations from article writing sites;

Use the correct point of view

Point of view is extremely important for most of the best article writing sites. Bloggers will generally use the first person point of view. Content writers that blog as well as write for article writing sites have difficulty switching from one point of view to another when writing content for the web.

For an example, using terms such as I believe or I saw is the first person point of view. Many of the best article writing sites insists on second person point of view such as you are and some will even ask for third person point of view one will. InfoBarrel is a site that wants second and third person point of view. These are sites that don’t want an opinion piece of content. Writing sites such as Factoidz requests all articles be positioned for factual information only and no opinion pieces of writing content.

Journalistic type content is most widely accepted and encouraged. As a freelance writer understanding the difference and being mindful for the writing site that has this criteria is important for a writing strategy that works and getting your writing content published the first time around without frustration and rejection.

Keywords and keyword phrases are a must for great articles

There are literally millions of different freelance articles around the web today. Don’t let your article be the one that gets lost among the millions. Stand out and make it look good. Keywords and keyword phrases are the key to making this happen with publication on article writing sites.

Keywords and keyword phrases help search engine optimization and search engines pushing your writing content in front of readers. Always use keyword tools to make writing with great keywords easier. Besides, dozens of the best article writing sites will insist that keywords or certain keywords are used for published articles. Using keywords for all content is great for getting work published on article writing sites.

Back links will get more content read

Back links are extremely useful for online article writing to gain reader attention. Make certain that any back links entered into your article content work properly and are connecting useful relevant content to your published work.

Short paragraphs are useful to keep attention

Many studies indicate that short paragraphs and subheadings are great for getting readers to hold their interest for article content. Shorter sentences and paragraphs work better. Bloggers may find this difficult and when editing your work consider rewriting some content to assure you have shorter sentences and paragraphs. If you have extremely long articles consider making them into two or more.

Subheadings for search engines

Search engines are interested in subheadings found in articles. Subheadings that are keyword rich will get your content notices by search engines and garner a push to a readers query for content. Bold these subheadings in articles for submission. This gives your work a polished or more professional look and feel. Avoid overuse of subheadings and use only when warranted and appropriate. Just like anything else don’t abuse the tool in order to assure you get your work published on article writing sites.

Nearly all of the best article writing sites will discuss these techniques that are used in article writing and what their expectations are. These are the tools that can be used to make the money you desire and get your articles published on writing sites. Content writers are interested in the concept of making money for their writing and rightly should be. Gain the skills and knowledge that you need to see a wonderful income from doing something that you enjoy.

Article content sites for beginners;

Triond-less stringent publication guidelines than most sites and a wonderful network of writers that offer a lot of useful advice
Experts Column-will accept duplicate content
BestReviewer-this site wants lists based articles such as The Best Ten Golf Courses in Tampa or The Best Ten Vitamin C Fruits

Intermediate content writers-

HubPages-wonderful for earnings and keywords and great seo will definitely be reflected in quality articles that are submitted
Seekyt-absolutely wonderful for building back links

Most experienced writers-

Factoidz-they have advanced bonuses for content submitted. Enjoy comparison reports and all articles must be based on factual information and no opinion based articles can be submitted for publication.