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The Best Way to Prevent Illness and Disease

There are two basic ways to prevent illness, disease, and conditions that affect our quality of life. One is very easy; the other requires a little effort. Both are highly effective, yet one the side effects are drastically different. One costs a lot of money and multiple visits to the doctor; the other is essentially free and only requires a little bit of your time. Read on to learn more about these methods, you can then choose which one suits your lifestyle the best.

Method One: Prescription Medication

There are thousands of prescription medications available today. There are those that treat cancer, those that treat diabetes, those that treat high cholesterol, and those that help us lose weight. All of these drugs “trick” the body into thinking one thing is happening, when really another is.

Science has developed these drugs so that they are incredibly effective. They allow a person to take care of their issues without drastically changing their lifestyle. The result is that that pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.

The way these medications work is actually quite simple (at least at the core level). Nearly every single prescription medication does the same thing: it tries to mimic the body’s natural response to regular exercise. Unfortunately, they come with a number of deadly side effects that can be worse than the original condition.

Method Two: Regular Exercise

Thousands of years ago the famous medical philosopher Hippocrates uttered, or more likely wrote, a very profound statement. He claimed that “walking is the best medicine.” That’s it; taking a simple walk every single day is the best way to stay healthy.

Most people view exercise as a chore. They think you have to join a gym and work out for hours every single day. You have to put up with guys grunting and sweating on equipment, and people that look far better than you running on the treadmills. But it’s not that hard.

If you want to heal from whatever illness you are plagued with, start walking. Take 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at lunch, and 30 minutes to an hour each evening. It is surprisingly easy to do, and the benefits will start to manifest within a few days.

Combine your exercise with eating healthy (which is actually cheaper than eating junk), and you will see your body restored to a rather pristine condition.

Choose Which Method Works for You

Would you rather pop a pill every morning, and risk severe side effects? Or would you rather get out and enjoy nature, your family, or some time to your thoughts? Would you like to pump out hundreds of dollars every month for prescription pills, or take a free stroll around the block? Would you like to live with a condition where the symptoms are masked, or get rid of the condition all together? The choice is yours: prescription medication, or free exercise.

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