The Bhubaneswar’s craze for high rise apartments

In ancient times finding an apartment was a rarity. Generally only the developed places used to witness high rises. These high rises are usually associated with development. The more developed a place the more skyrocketed the apartments are. The US, New York is a glaring example of this. However, is there is any direct relation between the two? Guess not, but definitely they go together. It is primarily due to space constraints and to some extent income constraint too. But there are other factors which drive people to prefer apartment, therefore, finding strikingly rich families owning posh apartments is not unusual either. Let’s understand the dynamics of the craze for high-rise apartment in the context of temple city Bhubaneswar.

Though the dilemma over the buying an apartment or an independent house is universal yet the craze for apartments is quite discernable in the capital city of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. A few important factors unconsciously coaxing denizens of this place to choose apartments:

Aristocratic ready to move flat in Bhubaneswar

1. Skyrocketing prices of land: The land prices within the city limits are pretty high owing to the general norm of demand exceeding the supply by a huge margin. This is quite obvious as we all know about the booming population of the India and Bhubaneswar is no exception. Thus due to heavy pressure on land, the rates per square feet of land in prime locations is exorbitantly high. Thus, people rather prefer ready to move property in Bhubaneswar, predominantly the apartments.

2. Alluring amenities: Another major factor encouraging people to prefer apartments is that mostly one can find these towering structures studded with numerous amenities. If one wishes to pamper oneself with power back-up, round the clock water supply, fire safety mechanism, club houses, jogging tracks, swimming pool one can definitely provide oneself with all these but only at a huge cost or by wandering around the city. If one choose to stay in a good apartment one can avail these facilities at very nominal charges and that too at one’s doorstep, almost literally. Obviously who would want to have the cake and eat it too? Less expenditure, better facilities definitely allures most home buyers.


3. Community Living: The social community celebrations is another reason responsible for the growing craze for an apartment. The growing trend of pool parties during Holi, dance programs on Navrartis, organized event during all festive occasion be it Karwa Chauth, Diwali, Lohri, is sure to allure the gregarious beings. In fact, the Republic day, Independence Day, Children’s day and many more are celebrated with equal gusto too. Bhubaneswar dwellers give high importance to community bonding which is conveniently and superbly possible if one is residing in a high rise. Consequently, ready independent house for sale have few contenders in the temple city. It is only demanded by the people who possess a pre-existing social circle.

There are some other important aspects to the preference to stick to an apartment; however, the above points form the crux of the matter. These can be certainly verified with the occupants of the marvelous buildings who are proud and content to be a part of these magnificent edifices of Bhubaneswar.