The Bible and Spirituality

There are many forms of spirituality. In fact, spirituality cannot be defined in relation to a specific group. This is because Muslims, Christians, Hindu and other religious groups all have divergent views in regard to spiritual beliefs and spiritual awakening. Christians hold a large number world wide as the most common form of religion and the bible is the most influential tool for Christians in enhancing their spiritual life.

The bible is used by many Christians and has been translated to many languages in the world. Those that use the bible do not necessarily have to belong to a particular church or even religion. Like any other book, they are entitled to use it for their spiritual growth. In deed, they regard it highly as a very holy book and several myths surround its use and misuse.

Though written very many years back, the wisdom that it contains has been a source of inspiration to many people. Many have also had a spiritual awakening as a result of this book. The world has indeed changed and modernization has created a new world altogether. However the bible still remains relevant in many people lives and has been a source of inspiration.

Since the bible holds God as the divine power, it provides a guideline on how to walk with Him. Therein is described the dangers of not walking in righteousness. As it says, light and darkness can never work together and one is left with no choice but to choose their way of life. It is the inspirations that it gives that make most people hold it so highly. It has been used in many rehabs to help addicts undergo a spiritual awakening. In the same way, many people suffering terminal illness constantly refer to the bible as their only source of help in trying times. They are able to relate it to their personal situation.

The bible is indeed a strong tool in enhancing spirituality not just for the Christians but for every person.