The Browsers

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To use the Internet, you need a ‘browser’.  This is a program which translates the signal received from the provider into computer readable language.

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Way back in the early days, when the Internet was just coming into commercial use, those who used ‘Dos’ based programs, i.e. Windows, would download Netscape Navigator.

It was a fine program.  But…(you knew that was coming) Windows wasn’t making any money off of it.  In those days Windows was ‘at war’ with everything not Windows; something like the Borg.

Windows created Internet Explorer which came fully bloated when you purchased Windows ’95.  It was a horrible.  It still is.

It crashed, it hung, and it was used by the majority of people so once you can hack it, you own the ‘Net.

A lot of people migrated to Linux which had and has excellent browsers.  In those days I swore by Konqueror.  There are other Browsers, which, if you use Linux, meaning you’re a geek and don’t need to hear anything from me.

Mozilla created Firefox which took the market.  It was free and the first batch worked.

Firefox, however, suffers from something I’ve mentioned before; over tweaking.

For some reason developers keep ‘developing’ until they turn a good product into crap.

This is what happened with Firefox.

Every few days there was an ‘upgrade’ and many of these upgrades were really bad.  Many people would have to delete Firefox, reinstall Firefox, on and on.

Google, realising this, created their own browser,  Chrome.

Chrome is the most used browser today.

Falling by the way side are two really good Browsers no one knows about.  The first is Safari, and the second is Opera.

Opera is frill-less.  It loads very quickly, and it works.

Why you want to check your browsers is because this is the ‘finger’ you stick into the ‘Net’.  Where you stick a naked finger, you’re going to get bit.  Where your finger is in armour, you’re safer.

Who would waste a brain cell creating any kind of malware for Opera?  Maybe 2% of the Internet users will have Opera.  So; who’d make a crack for it?  That’s like spending 1M to protect your house from the Zombie Apocalypse.

Now Chrome; hey!  I bet you use that. So…?

One of the greatest regrets is that Computer programs have become pre-chewed food.  You don’t need to know anything to get on the ‘Net.  Plug in, turn on, you’re there.  You don’t need to know how or why or what.

When you don’t know what it is you don’t know, that is a problem.

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