The Cat in the Hat Review

The Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss must be one of the best known children’s beginner books of all time. Yet surprisingly this is not a book for a very beginning reader.

The Cat in the Hat would probably be too extensive for a child at Level 1 or 2 to read alone although this book may work well, even with preschool children, as an read together or read aloud book.

So what are the reading challenges in The Cat in the Hat? Firstly there is a lot of text. Far more than is recommended for a Level 1 or 2 early reader book. There is also lots of punctuation including ‘?’ and ‘!’ marks as well as few repeated phrases that early readers can use as word or meaning clues whilst reading.

A peek inside The Cat in the Hat

These challenges would lift the reading difficulty of this book to around a Level 3 standard, but The Cat in the Hat has many excellent lessons for this stage of reading.

  • Dr Seuss’ rhyming style is excellent for learning the sound rules of reading (also called phonics).
  • The Cat in the Hat can help ease children into reading books with more text.
  • It can also provide children with an understanding of punctuation.

Yet most importantly The Cat in the Hat is fun for kids, which makes learning so much easier. These are all great reasons to recommend The Cat in the Hat for advanced Level 2 or Level 3 readers.