The Chemistry Club – Networking Master Classes

The Chemistry Club is a leading company that serves the technology sector. The company hold a selection of events and services each year including; master classes, business-to-business evenings, executive coaching and special briefings. The Chemistry Club has been in operation for the past eleven years and has enabled individuals to meet and share experiences in neutral environments.

Lead by CEO of The Chemistry Club Mark Simon, the company runs frequent networking master classes in Central London. These full one day courses are aimed at senior executives but can help nearly everybody. The company has built up a wealth of knowledge in the area and has developed the classes with leading specialist trainers in the field.

Networking is now seen as an essential professional skills and something that executives are expected to be good at. Some people have a natural ability to network; others don’t, however, even the most confident networkers will be able to benefit from the training that The Chemistry Club’s courses provide.

The classes include all aspects of face-to-face networking giving attendees a toolkit of skills to use. The areas covered include; how to remember names, how to prepare for business events and feel at ease immediately, and how to read body language. The one day course also informs individuals how to break into and out of conversations, how to use proactive listening skills, proven methodologies for following up and tips and techniques for honing your message.

The Chemistry Club’s networking master classes are available to supporters and the wider community however places are to subject to availability. The company’s master classes are fully CPD certified. More information about The Chemistry Club, Mark Simon and the company’s past services can be found here: The Chemistry Club Mark Simon