The choice of hairstyles for oval face

The choice of hairstyles for oval face, Seekyt

Female individuals have their own geometry, which can both help to define the type of hair, and put you in confusion. So, people are divided into elongated (oval, drop, and heart), (circular and diamond) and sharply geometric (square and rectangular).

Oval person is ideal to create any hairstyle. It is easy to learn: jaws are soft shape, the chin is strong and well-delineated, forehead and cheekbones are visible, but not too much given to the person. This type of person does not need to be adjusted, except when the oval is stretched far too long – «Horse» person.

To hide a very elongated shape of the face, good hair with soft fringe, curls, dangling freely along the cheeks so that at the mouth, they were particularly magnificent. Cut to the shoulders, long bean or square – the perfect hairstyle for oval face. The Classics – long hair – as well.

If the oval face is characterized by developed frontal lobes, you can choose the hairstyle with a soft bang packed awry, or straight hair, so that they fall pa cheeks and fringe hid part of his forehead.