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The Civil Rights Movements Crucial Mistakes

The civil rights movement from the early fifties to the early eighties was flawed from the very start. How did the so-called leader lead an entire community so far a field is mind altering? You cannot find a people anywhere in history who would have made such grievous error constantly. There are those who believe otherwise. The problem is you first must know what the African-American community had prior to the movement. You must know that one of the major leader choose a person from India as a guide for non-violence. If he had really read that particular person and the history of what happen then he would have discovered an extremely pertinent fact. The British were not non-violent against the Indian matter of fact that person marched those people into a hail of 303 rifles.
Then one of the main leaders in American led his people in to fire hoses, vicious police trained dogs along with violent treatment of the dominated group. There were many so-called leaders of appearing to cause American to change it century old legally encrusted habits. To this day virtually nothing has changed. What is often overlooked is these major leaders were summoned to the Washington and asked what would it take for theme to cease and desist the civil disobedience. After this meeting a large sum of money was raised and allocated to the different organizations. After that the movement was on the surface integrated in actuality if was infiltrated. From this point on it was down hill for the movement.

I want to use Rosa Parks as a starting point; She refused to give her seat to a member of the so-called dominant group. This refusal was planed and staged. Then the African-American bus riders boycotted the bus line, the bus line eventually gave in and allowed the African American to ride without the restriction. Most would say this was a successful tactic. No it was not for several reasons. The bus line only altered its policy toward the African-American community due to the government mandate and subsidy. If the policy were not changed it would a have meant the loss of job for whites.

Second they spent a ridiculous amount of time boycotting a bus line, in that amount of time some of the educated could have created a restriction less bus line and kept that money in there own community. The next crucial error of the civil rights movement was having sit ins in order to have a hamburger next to people who you have not learned to communicate with yet. There they were begging to eat a hamburger or drink out of a water faucet market “White Only” So far I have only mention a few but this was the number one error of the civil rights movement. The integration of schools was then and continues as a crucial error of the civil rights movement. Prior to the civil rights movement there were African-American schools and African-American instructors. This was the time of the often one room schoolhouse, which housed grades from primer to high school. The children were proficient in English, mathematics and science. These instructors taught on a level for the mental survival of the community. Then the elite of the African-American Community introduced integration and from this point another giant backward step. How do I know that it was a giant step backwards? Children are now role out in a no child left behind program. If he or she is not educated what chance do they have for survival? Now, African-American children are coming out of school not knowing their history and now knowing they don’t know it. The dominant group have so indoctrinated the African-American child they now want to have blue eyes, because there brown eyes are not attractive, they want to have plastic surgery to alter there nose fit the model of perfection that is subliminally taught in schools. African-American males are falling head of heals for female child of the dominant group in such numbers it is attracting major attentions. What actually is happen is a huge amount of money is leaving the African-American community. It is rare to see a member of the so-called dominant race rushing to spend his money with other communities. I am not saying it does not happen but overall you will not see it happen.
One final hysterical event that took place during this time was the famous march on Washington. An estimated 220 thousand people marched on Washington, Martin Luther King was slaughter and the marchers had a certain amount of time to remove their ruble from the White house lawn. The consequence of this March is people left everything they had believing they would gain something better. Not only did they leave what they had they had nothing to return to and Martin was dead.

The summary
African-American overall have not learned from the past They continue to believe marching and protesting will solve the problem. It will not, it has not and no group in America has every made any real progress protesting and begging someone else to let you in their house versus building your own house. The only people who were the benefactor of the movement were those ready to go in the door if and when it opened. The masses are worst off now that before the movement. Not only can they not read in many cases they society has given them crutches like Ebonics or medication that is in useless and elite profile. My final statement is Jesus had his Judas and I truly Martin had his as well. .

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