The Classic Chocolate Advent Calendar by Vermont Christmas

Nothing beats the classic chocolate advent calendar by Vermont Christmas when you want a delicious way to count down the days until Christmas. Dating back to the mid 1800s, the advent calendar is a way to count down the days in Advent that lead up to Christmas day. It is a way to celebrate and to include a small reminder in each day of the Advent season that the season is at hand.

Traditionally an Advent calendar may have little doors hiding a small poem or that, when opened, expose a small token each day. Over time this evolved into little treats and chocolates. Vermont Christmas continues that tradition with a full line of Chocolate Advent calendars that are festive and colorful. On top of that, they are delicious!

Kids will love receiving a chocolate Advent calendar and will anticipate each day as they open a new door to reveal the chocolate inside. Advent calendars are a great holiday tradition that have been enjoyed for generations.

The Advent calendars from Vermont Christmas come in a few different designs, so parents and grandparents can purchase different ones for the kids, to avoid mixing them up. Each calendar comes with 24 small chocolates in a light cardboard case with perforated doors representing each day of December. As each day of the month arrives, a door is opened to provide access to a chocolate that is uniquely molded into a shape of the season.

Advent calendars are festive and add great color to any room, so you can keep them out. Selections include Santa’s train, a Nativity scene, and Santa’s toy shop. The Nativity calendar has a small portion of the Nativity story behind each door. The train and toy shop calendars each have a small portion of Twas The Night Before Christmas behind each door, so on top of the chocolate you can enjoy a traditional Christmas story as you progress through the season.

Celebrate the Christmas season with a fun Advent calendar this year. There are many different ways to count down the days of Advent that lead up to Christmas Day, but none is as delicious as the classic chocolate Advent calendar by Vermont Christmas.


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