The Combination of Green Tea and Ginseng For Your Health

Ginseng and green tea are two of the oldest natural medications, that have been used for a wide variety of health ailments. When consumed together, they can be a source of mental and physical alertness. This combination drink can be a powerful concoction for protecting the body from the free radicals that cause damage to health.

Regular consumption of this infusion tea can be beneficial to health, in more ways than one. The most significant benefits of consuming this tea are discussed below.

Protection from Cancers

Catechins in green tea, which are a kind of antioxidant, helps fight a wide range of cancers, according to different studies conducted by Harvard Health Publications. Regular consumption of green tea helps defend against cancers, including bladder, esophageal, colon, breast, lung and skin.

Ginseng is yet another beneficial ingredient that can protect against cancer, as per studies conducted by University of Maryland. This root helps reduce the risk of developing cancers like stomach, ovarian, pancreatic, liver and lungs. In fact, it is known to slow down the growth and development of tumors by increasing the levels of glutathione in the body.

Protection from heart ailments

Both green tea and ginseng are known for benefiting cardiovascular health. As per studies conducted by Harvard Health Publications, regular intake of ginseng green the helps increase high-density lipoprotein or cholesterol levels and prevent the low-density lipoprotein from oxidizing. This tea also helps reduce hypertension and improve artery function. However, the levels of ginseng being taken in needs to be checked by a medical practitioner because high levels of ginseng intake have also shown to increase the blood pressure levels, which in turn can become harmful for the health.

The other benefits

Various studies have also revealed that this combination tea helps improve sexual health, increase stamina, improves physical and mental performance and promotes healthy aging. Delicious Honey lemon ginseng green tea also helps increase the number of immune cells in the body and therefore improves immunity. Green tea on the other hand helps strengthen bones, improve oral health, protect the brain and help burn fat.

That said, the ginseng green tea infusion needs to be consumed with precaution and care. Excessive consumption of this infusion can harm health leading to irritability, anxiety, insomnia, bipolar disorder and even miscarriages in pregnancy. Hence, advice needs to be taken prior to consuming this tea with respect to the quantity that is safe to consume.

Are you a ginseng green tea drinker? What benefits have you derived from drinking this tea? Share your experiences with us below.