The compensation funds challenges facing the government housing strategies

The compensation funds challenge facing the government housing strategies

Strategic alliances with builders, greater assistance to families and social programs designed in line with the beneficiaries of the housing programs of the national government are the challenges that will need this year the family compensation funds.

Another challenge for 2015 will be: to accompany the Government to subsidize the interest rate, where the state covers part of the housing credit. The policy will be developed mainly in the departments like Cundinamarca, Cauca, and Nariño. Also, the compensation funds will start the program with payroll taxes 40,000 homes.

Minister for Housing, City, and Territory, Luis Felipe Henao Cardona, the boxes have a fundamental task in the housing program of the government, especially to reach people one and two strata or those earning less than minimum wage ($ 644,350).

Just last year, as Colsubsidio boxes, Command Cafe or developed projects in western Colombia. While Comma and its allies made plans for housing in the north.

The programs helped reduce the rates of multidimensional poverty, creating the possibility that a family has access to safe water and decent housing.

‘A cleaning service worker told me that he earned $ 700,000 a month and $ 400,000 was spent on rent. So when a person can buy homes with monthly from $ 180,000, what we are is and may generate income and helping them solve their social needs, ‘said Henao in the Congress of the National Association of Family Compensation Funds (Asocajas) last year.

The boxes were actively involved in management by providing subsidies, mortgages and support to families, as explained by Carlos Rodriguez, manager of Housing and Subsidies Offset.

According to minister Henao, 90% of the members of the boxes are in government programs Priority Interest Housing (Visa) and My House Now. ‘We are working in a joint way, we have an egalitarian vision,’ he said about the chief portfolio.

But this year, social enterprises will have to find construction companies with good financial performance and viability to the future, to jointly develop and fund projects to build affordable housing.

The purpose of this is that banks and builders allow optimization of resources in the development, management and development of projects.

‘The boxes have to find that people with lower incomes may have different alternatives for your home,’ said the manager of Housing and Subsidies Offset.

As explained by the national government, 15% of families who access programs do not have access to clean water, 33% do not have sewage and six out of ten households living on dirt floors. While the dropout of children reached 40% and 25% of them went to bed without eating.

For Rodriguez, families programs accessing social housing must benefit from their experience in the development of social programs in areas such as health, recreation, education, etc.

Between 2010 and 2014, the boxes with the Government given free housing helped savers to have a new house and were participants in the subsidy to the interest rate. With programs was given employment to 1.4 million people in the construction industry and occupation it is considerably increased.

In the coming years they can be expected to deliver more than 130,000 seats to the interest rate and 86,000 new homes for savers, not in vain, as Colsubsidio boxes now have six housing projects in Bogota and Cundinamarca Soacha and four.