The Computer Can Detect Smells and Touch Screen that Mimics the Texture of Any Material

Computers will not depend so much on developers and will be able to learn even more things. Over the next five years we will complete them senses: to be able to hear better, feel dangerous odors and analyze and understand better images, showing annual set of predictions IBM.

Touch-screen mimicking your every texture

Phones will help us to feel the texture of materials, each object will have a unique vibration scheme and we could, for example, to feel the texture of a shirt I want to buy on the internet, just touching the screen smartphone. Vibration will be different and will simulate different materials if you move your finger on the screen surface.

Computers to understand images

Computers understand now mainly through text images which we attach to them. In five years computers will be able to interpret the content of an image and understand what those images, as a man understand an image. These capabilities could enable computers to interpret X-rays, for example.

Hearing resulted in very

Computers will improve their capacities to detect and analyze sounds smart microphones able to predict whether there is a danger that at some point a tree falling in the forest or if the danger to start a landslide. Computers could “translate” and gangurelile babies and may help us better interpret animal sounds removed.

Computer teach you what to eat

In five years from now the computer will know better than you what you want to eat. Can detect aromas and determine the chemical structure of any kind of food and determine why people love the food. It will help you eat healthier and will suggest surprising combinations of foods. A kind of digital taste buds will help you eat smarter. An intelligent computer-controlled diet can be very helpful for diabetics, for example.

Digital scent that can save your life

Computers will be in five years and their sense of smell and can tell – due to sensor performance – if something wrong with you, if possible to be ill. Smartphone might warn you that you may catch cold, even before you figure out that something is wrong. Sensors will analyze halitosis users and depending on results I can warn about possible problems.