The Consequences Of China's One Child Policy PT 1

China is considering ending the one child policy which has created the skewed demographics it has today.On one had the one child policy prevented China from adding beteen 400 and 700 million people who would have put pressure on the government resources and China probably could have never managed to lift 600 million people out of poverty.However 2 major Social consequences came out as a result of the one child policy

A.The Prince/Princess Syndrome

Since most families had only one child,the child was often treated like a gem,given what he/she wants,when she wants.This was especially true in the case of the urban middle class families that could afford some luxuries.These children grew up withot some social values like sharing,compromising and never lacking and asc a result the generations born from the 80s onward can be called the ‘selfish generation’Many chinese today struggle as couples do to the fact that relationships require compromise,sharing,trust,love for someone other than themselves.Value they are not familiar with.The compassion we have due to have taken care of a sister when she was sick or injured,or standing up to a brother even though he is in the wrong seen to be absent in China.Everyone remembers the story of YueYue,the chinese two year old who was left to die on the steet with her arms outstretched for help after being hit by a car yet Like the story of the Good Samaritan passers by continued walking.And unlike the good ending of the Bibilical story,help came too late.What does that tall you about that society?

Back to the princess/prince syndrome.There have been cases whereby the children actually hit and even kill(I’m serious!)their parent if they do not get what they want in China.Of course this is among the now majority urban middle class(the rural folks still hung their children from a pole and give them a good thwacking!)mainly because the one child policy is heavily enforced in the urban areas hence parents tend to treat their children like precious gems.And this Generation has now entered its prime.

B.The male-Female imbalance

Many Nations have slightly more men than women on average except in Eastern Europe and Africa.However,the imbalance in China is Huge!The one child policy plus a culture of favouring boys over gilrls left a large gap in the population as mass female infanticide was practiced.We are talking about 20 million more men than women here!Where will they all get wives?Some have started a wave of kidnapping across South East Asia where women are being trafficked from Vietnamn,Laos,Combodia and Thailand to wives for the men.Of course,they cannot satisfy the demmand and soon the government will have a lot of trouble in handling the unmarried men.One option is the millitary,which if used will have grave consequences on the world at large.