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The Coolest Racing Helmet You Should Buy

Wearing a helmet ensures safety and comfort, but what has also become important in today’s trendy tradition is the cool quotient that comes along. Here are some top-notch helmet brands that excel in technicality, price value and are among the coolest racing helmets you can buy.

Bell Helmets have been developing and testing helmets for more than 60 yrs. These helmets are purpose built for protection across a range of potential crash scenarios. Offering a wide range of models for Street, Dirt, ATV, Scooter and Adventure Touring, these are available in categories including Dual Sport, Full Face, Half Helmet, Modular and Open Face.

One of the most coveted model Moto-9 is designed with the prime purpose of protection against potential crashes. With the idea of making crazy rides possible, Bell Helmets help riders push limits with confidence.

Shark Helmets ensure high level of performance and safety anticipating the needs of the bikers and researching exciting innovations. Founded in 1986 in Marseille, France, these helmets are known for their technicality, price value and evaluation.

Relying on its racing experience and users feedback in each category, Shark Helmets are available in a range of colours, categories and finishes and assure you the freedom of riding in safety on and off the race track.

MOMO Design is an extremely popular Italian brand of city and scooter helmets. MOMO, founded by Giampiero Moretti in the 1960s is headquartered in Monza. MOMO are the initials for Moretti-Monza. With prime focus on protection, design and performance, MOMO Helmets are one of the coolest choice for biking headgear oozing Italian Styling at its best.

Their aesthetic and attention to the finest details carries over into their line of MOMO Helmets, the MOMO Avio and Komposit, the full face Devil, MOMO Fighter and Mini MOMO.

The MOMO Avio Helmet, inspired by fighter pilot helmet designs and is the top-end lid in the MOMO lineup. This is most suitable for city and scooter riders with lightweight fiberglass shell, washable moisture-wicking cheek pads and face shield coating equipped to block UV rays.

The MOMO Fighter is quite similar to the Avio only different in the shell material. Fighter uses the uses polycarbonate in its shell which lowers down the price significantly without compromising on style and protection. The Fighter is one of the most technically equipped model for it uses materials such as carbon-fibre and has optional Bluetooth communication capability, jointly developed with Motorola.

Another MOMO Helmet that is manufactured using lightweight polymer is Mini MOMO. It is the new minimal design helmet with integrated sun visor and ultra-cool styling. MOMO Design helmets are available in various models including Cruiser, Hero, Mangusta, New Fighter EVO, Fighter Glam, Fighter Classic, Fighter Fluo and many more.

High Note Performance offers a range of models of MOMO Helmets in India. Here, you can also find other brands of cool helmets with free shipping on orders within India.

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