The Cupboard is Bare as Writing Sites Sink

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Amateur writing is fun and the best part is that the writers can make some money. Bubblews was like a flash in a pan and when it was alive and kicking writers made hundreds of dollars every month. I made a large amount in my 3 years with the site. The marvel is that Bubblews lasted 3 years, before crashing like a pack of cards. Payments are almost zero now and one wonders how the site could have paid those thousands of dollars to writers.

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There are so many sites apart from Bubblews that have crashed or simply vanished. i can think of many , but the prominent were Helium, Suite 101, Writeink, Daily wiki and so many more, which are not worth recounting here. The fact is the cupboard is bare as far as writing sites are concerned. A few of the writing sites rely on payment through Adsense. This is I feel the biggest pain as getting money from adsense, witha min payout of $100 is impossible for 99% of the witers. Adsense pays only when an Ad is clicked and not on views, thus making money is very hard.

Sites like wikinut, experts column etc are relatively better as they pay on number of views. I am afraid seekyt also uses adsense and I wonder how many writers have been physically paid, there can’t be many.

Another facet is the viewership of the sites and the demographic readership is changing and most sites have a majority of readers from India.One can see the figures from and realize the contribution of India to the viwership.As an example the readership from India for seekyt is 79.4%. Bubblews 68% and hubpages 25.6%. Almost all sites have great viewership from India, though revenue will be less, but that may also change.

The sum total is that there are hardly any sites that pay money in substantial amounts for articles. Maybe be if one has a flair and can digress to short stories, then the payments could be better. But again that is not everyones cup of tea.

In the meantime I await for better days and hope a writing site will emerge like Bubblews.

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The Cupboard is Bare as Writing Sites Sink, Seekyt
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