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The Customer Advantage – Groupon on Steroids

The U.S. economy has been undergoing a major transformation over the past several years, as jobs we once took for granted are being lost through downsizing, outsourcing, technology, and the Internet.

I believe a new economy is being born that will consists of new business models, some with which we are already familiar and others we’ve never seen before. I believe that network and affiliate marketing represent one of these new business models. Therefore, I am always on the lookout for new programs coming down the pike.

One such program is The Customer Advantage. John Milonowski, the company’s founder, has been involved in Internet marketing for over 25 years and is best known for his successful Marketing Millionaire training system. He decided to create The Customer Advantage as a means of using social and word-of-mouth marketing to boost the economy and benefit local businesses, which employs over half of all private sector employees.1

If you’re familiar with Groupon, you know that this program offers discount (50% or more) coupons via email for products and services in your local area. In addition, Groupon will give you a $10 credit (and other incentives) when you refer someone who signs up. The credit is paid 72 hours after your referral makes his or her first purchase.

Earn 5% On Your Personal Referrals’ Purchases

The Customer Advantage goes one step further. Instead of giving you a one-time, $10 credit when your referral signs up and makes their first purchase, it will pay you 5% of the money your referral spends on discount coupon purchases for as long as your referral is a member of The Customer Advantage. This means that you don’t get paid once, after your referral’s first purchase, you get paid each time he or she makes a purchase at a participating business with their discount coupon. What’s more, when your personal referral signs someone up, you will receive 5% of the money that person spends on discount coupons for as long as they are a member. These payments go five levels deep.

Earn 2% On Your Business Referrals’ Customer Purchases

You can also sign up local businesses in your area. And when customers use their discount coupons at that business, you receive 2% of all customer sales purchased with the discount coupons. Any member of The Customer Advantage can present the program to a business and sign it up.

Businesses can also sign up as a personal member of The Customer Advantage, advertise the program at their stores, and earn the 5% when their customers make purchases at other local businesses enrolled in the program. It’s a cost-effective way for local businesses to get noticed by potential customers and gain a long-term clientele, as well as earn money in the process.

The program can also be used as a fundraising vehicle, with the profits donated to support the charity of your choice.

Here’s How Everyone Gets Paid

You’re probably wondering how The Customer Advantage can operate at a profit, charge businesses no up-front to participate, and pay its members five levels deep. The Customer Advantage (TCA) explains it this way:

“The total revenue collected by TCA from a deal is split with the participating merchant. 54% of the revenue retained by TCA is paid out to the members as commissions. The balance covers the expenses and operating costs of TCA. For example: In a deal that is sold through TCA for $100, $50 would go to the merchant, $27 would go to commissions, and $23 would be retained by TCA. The $27 is 5% of the price being paid out 5 tiers, plus 2% paid to the member that enrolled the business.”

It’s Free to Join

You pay nothing when you join The Customer Advantage as a personal member. However, because it is an “invitation-only” member site, you must be invited to join.

In addition, businesses pay no up-front costs to enroll. The Customer Advantage does all the marketing for its business members at no cost to the business. If you have a business and are interested in learning more, be sure to click one of the “Customer Advantage” links in this article. When you get to the website, click the link at the top of the page (next to “Member Login”) that says “Feature My Business” to find out more.

The Customer Advantage
is currently in pre-launch, building its customer base, ironing out system kinks, and making improvements based on member feedback. This is a critical step to ensure that when the program does go live, everything will run smoothly. As of this date (4-19-11), membership has reached a staggering 82,744 members and continues to grow daily.


1 ‘How Important Are Small Businesses to the U.S. Ecomony, Small Business Administration,


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