The Danger of Obesity

In the past, kids got exercise.  They came home from school and went out to play.  They ran, they climbed, they rode bicycles, and were active.  They were called in for dinner at some point and then did their homework, watched T.V. and went to bed.

Today, that has been replaced by the computer game, so the kids sits. Then eats dinner, then sits some more.

Most people have a problem of open mouth.  Food keeps falling into it, and they get fatter and fatter.

Often, people will quit smoking and start eating.

Depending on how much one smoked and one’s environment, it was actually healthier to smoke then to stuff a face.

Many of these new non-smokers, instead of racing to gyms to get and stay fit, eat and keep eating.  They become fat.

Take two people, one skinny and one fat.  The Fat person buys snacks, offers to skinny. Skinny takes a handful and is done. Fat eats until the snacks are gone.

Fat is hungry. Skinny isn’t.  Being a little hungry at all times is a good thing.  It is good for the body which has to break down and process and discard the waste.

Skinny people will, as soon as they can’t button that dress or those pants, stop eating, take a wash out, and not eat until the pants or dress fits.  After all, these are their clothes.  They fit last week.

Fat people buy new clothes.

Diet related diseases keep increasing.  Any glance at statistics shows that obesity leads to  High Blood pressure, which is the primary cause of death for Americans over 25.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a major risk factor for heart disease.

Obesity is the most significant factors in the development of insulin resistance, and insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes.

Having a high cholesterol level is the leading cause of heart attacks.  This is directly related to obesity.

Being overweight increases chances of developing cancer by 50 percent.  That’s right, 50%.

This is how dangerous obesity is.  It is not just being fat, it is putting your health at risk.

As people age and stop moving around, they often eat more, so the guy who used to play football and looked good, now is circular.

The woman who doesn’t take off those ‘baby pounds’  now has circulation problems in her legs and constant back pain.

I remember sneaking a smoke at the funeral of a local teacher, who died at 48.  She was a hugely fat woman.  Behind her back I called her Miss Hippo.

I was by the wall, hiding, when Miss Aggie and her daughter came up.  Miss Aggie was 99 years old and her daughter was 80.  They were also smoking.

Another person, (almost as fat as Miss Hippo) passed and told them to stop smoking as it was bad for them.  Miss Aggie, whose mouth was no one’s prayer book said things not suitable for Air Play.

What shocked me the most is that some woman in her forties had the stupidity to criticize a woman who was 99 years old, and walking, talking, at the funeral of a woman who was 48 and died of fatness.