Welcome to the world of responsibility and grown ups. Yes it is a bit frightening. You are now adolescents. You can’t run home for answers. What you do with your new found freedom is entirley up to you. You will be held accountable for your actions. Yes you have to hold steadfast in your beliefs aqnd determinations. Know what you want and how to go after it. Believe in yourselves and hold onto your dreams.

Okay, so you satisfied the entrance requirements for your Tertiary Institution of choice. See to it that you uphold the traditions and rules and regulations of that Alma Mater. Yes, even though it’s post school-they still have certain traditions. Do yourseves proud. Be determined from the start to succeed and you will. Don’t join the sleazy side of the institution, don’t give in to booze, drugs and sex. All these will be freely available. Later it will be a hard habit to break. Hold onto your morals and scruples and do not depart from the teachings of your youth. These have brought you safe thus far and they will lead you on. No matter how outdated they may seem.

No, as you roam these hallowed halls whether you in Oxford or a local Polytech, you must walk tall. You will find no uniforms-only security guards in uniform waiting to arrest you and take you to the Rector’s office. No official assembly or bell to sound the warning for the next lecture. No one looking over your shoulder. You completely on your own and you have to act independently. Once you pay your fees you are among the fortunate few to walk these hallowed halls in pursuit of a tertiary qualification. Yes, treat yourself and the institution with the respect it deserves. Study and be determined to succeed so that one day you can make an invaluable contribution to society in general.