The Diamond Pendant

Falling behind schedule, jumbling assignments, being constantly forgetful isn’t really blatantly generalizing Sam’s habits that had become a part of her overall behavior. It’s still a wonder how she won the much coveted award at the Diwali party and to everyone’s surprise it was even better than the I-Phone 6! She was the new proud owner of the company’s famous blue diamond pendant.

Much like the fictional pink panther, this diamond pendant was found missing from the jeweller’s security vault, some steel well protected metal locker that very few personal favourites had access to. In fact Mr Soneja made sure that even his absent minded secretary knew scantily about the whereabouts of his treasured diamond pendant. Similar to the one in his mansion, the office locker had five different keys for each compartment that layered into the ultimate key-hole that had a unique master key that was perpetually strung around Mr Soneja’s neck.

The time of the big boss’s annual fast, Sam was to ensure that no one gifting food items were to be permitted. Mr Soneja’s office dealt mainly with exporting gems and jewellery in the form of gold biscuits, silver containers for world-wide royalty and precious stones. A certain man came in with a box of supposed goodies and showed Sam his appointment details. Sam asked him to deposit his gift on the upper floor. She said she would come up and escort him later.

An hour passed and Sam was busy following up on the previous day’s client files. She then remembered that she had to eat. Sprinting away with her snacks she ran up to the third floor where she literally bumped into the same shifty man. Suddenly an alarm went off beeping, the man rushed down stairs leaving security guards frantically searching. Sam miraculously gathered focus and pointed a guard in the direction of the thief. On turning his pockets, they recovered the missing diamond pendant and some gold.

Sam was the new hero. The miserly Mr Soneja not only gave Sam a raise but also gifted her; his prized diamond pendant.