The Different Range of Samsung Galaxy Cases

A variety of brands present you a range of different types of cases and covers for your Galaxy S5 smart phone. These cases that are available in the market vary from the stylish, sleek ones to the dual layer more protective ones. Let us have a look at some of the most used cases for Samsung Galaxy S5 devices.

The Defender Series of Cases for Samsung Galaxy S5

The defender series cases are rugged and protective. These cases have specially been designed to protect your Samsung Galaxy S5 smart phone in all demanding conditions, heavy use as well as from any random accidents that you may encounter. The 3 layer protection technology withstand all drops, bumps and shocks while its built in screen protector guards your device’s screen against scratches. You can choose your own favorite color combinations so as to personalize your protective case according to your style.

The Commuter Series Cases

The cases that belong to the commuter series are slim and offer multi layer tough protection to your Galaxy device to deal connected lifestyle. This case S5 protects your phone against all drops, bumps and shock. The self adhesive screen protector prevents your S5 screen from any scratches as well as from oily finger prints. The case is easy to handle as it is a real easy and smooth task to slide it in and out of your pockets. You can choose from the various color options and create your own case with your very own unique color combination.

Commuter series Wallet cases

The Commuter series wallet cases offer you a storage area so as to make your cash and cards easily accessible to you along with protecting your Galaxy S5 phone. You can grab all your essentials together in one case and do not have to carry a separate wallet for your cash and cards and other belongings. You can carry them in your slim, pocket fit case S5 which protects your device against drops and scratches.

Preserver series cases

This two piece S5 case is solid, waterproof and is been developed using over moulded synthetic rubber bumpers which can absorb the impact of any bump, drop or fall. The built in screen protector guards your touch screen against
scratches and the internal foam cushions hold your phone well. The preserver series cases are also waterproof, drop proof and dust proof.