The Different Types of Security Courses Available

Are you looking for a job in the security industry, and would like to know the different security courses available? The security industry has a wealth of options available for those who are serious about developing a career in that sector. Due to the variety of tasks security personnel have to handle there are many different courses that are designed to teach many skillsets. The type of courses you end up taking will ultimately be based on what the job requirements are.

Having a hard time deciding which path to go down in the security industry? Then read on for the type of security courses available – it might help you make the right choice.


Personal Security Training

Also known as bodyguard training, personal security training will teach you how to protect an individual. You will be taught how clients should be protected from criminal activity and other threats. Usually such security jobs will require you to escort clients from one location to another. Therefore, expect personal security courses to focus on that aspect of the job.

The nature of the job requires to you to be up close and personal with the clients. Therefore, professional communication skills need to be developed.

Residential Security Guard Training
Unlike with personal security training, residential is more about focusing on a house, or residential area as a unit rather than the individuals within it. However, a residential security guard will be responsible for all the residents that are within their assigned area. Such security courses will teach you how to set up a perimeter, and deal with the typical security threats that might come up in residential settings. The kind of residential homes that a security guard can expect to patrol are those with an elderly population.

Corporate Security Guard Training
You should take a corporate security guard course if you wish to be employed in a building such as a hospital, bank, shopping mall, school and other types of organisations. You’ll receive an education on internal and external corporate security duties. For example, how to protect company personal files, employees and assets.

Armed Security Guards
Some jobs might require a security guard to carry a gun, and to qualify for such a position you must complete an armed security guard course. You will be taught how to respond in a situation where someone’s life is in danger as a result of criminal activity. Furthermore, the course will teach you how to adequately handle a gun so that you are prepared to use it under pressure.
Being responsible with the gun will also be taught. Just because you have it in your possession does not mean that it needs to come out of the holster as soon as there is a problem.

Static Security Guards
This type of security guard will sit in front of monitors to watch over the areas that the CCTV cameras are covering. Once a threat is detected the security guard will not need to go to the site of the threat, but instead will communicate with other security personnel to relay the information.
Individuals taking this course will be taught how to use the equipment in the video screen room, and what types of situations they must report to the supervisor.

X-Ray Screening Machines
Airport jobs require security guards to operate an X-ray screening machine. This is used to detect explosives and other items that are not permitted. A course teaching you how to use an X-ray machine will focus on the technical aspects of how to operate the machine, and spot any threats. You’ll also be taught on how to respond to threats in a suitable manner.

Tips on Selecting the Right Course
The security courses mentioned above are just some of the more generic ones that you are likely to find at a security training center. Read through the particulars of a course while browsing a training center website to make sure that it fit your requirements.
Remember that some security jobs might require you to take more than one course to get accepted. Some of these courses could be very specific, and only found at a limited number of training centers. Therefore, before you take a course make sure that your desired job actually requires it as a qualification.

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