The dish: after the VHI/Vogue Fashion Awards

While we loved the awards themselves—Isaac Mizrahi’s stunning stage set, pillow-scattered seats, and celebs decked out in rhinestones, crystals and sequins galore—the truly fabulous event was the after-party held downtown at the space previously occupied by chi-chi Barney’s New York.

“Amazing,” yawned one of our beautyscene spies, slumping into her chair and sipping delicately from a steaming cup of latte. “There must have been at least a thousand people there, and you should have seen the really cool window displays of practically-naked models inside the windows, behind this see-through blue mesh. They were painted in a powdery white paint, and dancing really slowly, morphing into different positions. One was even dangling from the top of the spiral staircase.”

“We were sitting underneath one of the windows with a topless model holding a bird,” mused another partygoer. “Felt a little over-dressed, to be honest.”

Our other spies were busy strutting their stuff with a crowd who included TLC (“one of them was having the time of her life, she’s so tiny, she looked about twelve”), Gwen Stefani (“looking cool, braces and all”) and generally feeling very sorry for Puff Daddy and Jennifer Lopez trying to fight their way through the mobbing crowds.

“Gisele looked absolutely gorgeous at the awards—but I couldn’t find her afterwards,” said a hangover-nursing marketing guru, huddled over his desk. “Personally I thought that our model, Georgina, was the best looking,” pointed out another. “Shhhh… stop shouting,” complained a third, holding her head in both hands.


Dancing continued on two floors with a silent auction on the third floor. We all bid for the ultra fab, fox-fur baguette from Fendi, but sadly, it went to someone else.

Then there was the array of edible goodies that we helped ourselves to—sushi stations, shrimp stations, finger foods, even brisket and mashed potatoes—good old-fashioned comfort food. “Which of course, no one was eating,” observed another spy. “Everyone was munching on carrots, and probably agonizing in the bathroom.”

Dolce & Gabbana-clad Heather Graham arrived arm in arm with Ed Burns, looking dazzling after winning the award for Celebrity Style (Female). Jillian Fink-Dempsey, who also counts celebrities such as Kevin Spacey, Drew Barrymore, and Brooke Shields on her list, was responsible for her makeup. “She’s so gorgeous anyway, she didn’t really need much makeup, to be honest,” said Fink-Dempsey, “and with such a stunning outfit, I just wanted to give her a strong lip color, and some pale gold eyeshadow.”


Her outfit, apparently, wasn’t exactly what was initially planned. “Jessica Pastor helps Heather with her clothes,” said Fink-Dempsey. “Jessica couldn’t be there that night, but had sent out a selection from Dolce & Gabbana’s fall wardrobe, which had been narrowed down to a couple of outfits. Heather wanted to wear one of the jackets with a bustier and their incredible sparkling pants, but thought that it might be too much of a ‘fashion victim’ statement. Then she caught sight of the old, worn-out jean jacket that I happened to be wearing and wore that over it all instead.”